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service apartment

What Is Service Apartment


To give you the short answer to What Is Service Apartment, a serviced apartment is a fully furnished flat,
available for both short-term and long-term stays, providing conveniences for
everyday usage, housekeeping and a variety of different services, all comprised
within the rental price. Now, you might be thinking: “seems a lot like a Hotel.” But nope, they’re actually two very different things. So what exactly is the difference
between a hotel and a serviced apartment?

Hotels and serviced apartments – comparing like apples and oranges

Most online booking sites have offered serviced apartments, but without an individual
category — many are only labeled “apartment” and offered as another alternative
alongside traditional hotel rooms. The problem is, serviced apartments offer far more
than only the physical dimensions of an Apartment and shouldn’t be compared to
conventional hotel rooms.

But the term is slowly becoming more well-known also away from the company travel space, too because more and more leisure travelers are discovering that serviced apartments are available and offer a credible and cost-effective alternative. They’re
particularly economical for longer stays and for family and group travel.

Vovam Serviced Apartment

These days, particularly business travelers are searching for alternative accommodation results when away from House in order to have a more comfortable stay.
If you are a business professional who’s continuously living from a suitcase and
staying in traditional hotel rooms, you may appreciate the characteristics of a
serviced apartment. They allow for privacy, space, and relaxation in your own
surrounding and the freedom to do Precisely the same things you would do at home:
Prepare your own meals in your kitchen, end up work from the living room, throw your
sports clothing in the washing machine after a jog, then kick back and watch Netflix
in your bedroom.

Central place or very good connections to public transportation
apartments normally inside a residential building
All utilities included i.e. water &
Free Wi-Fi
Fully equipped kitchen, usually such as e.g. Dishwasher,
Electric kettle, Fridge, Oven, Microwave, Toaster, Coffee maker, Cutlery, Cooking
utensils, Washing up detergent, Kitchen roster, Grease-proof paper
Other conveniences
to get you started on your temporary home, usually such as e.g. Hairdryer, Vacuum
cleaner, Cleaning tools, and detergent, Iron and ironing board, Laundry rack, Toilet
paper, Hand soap, Shampoo and Conditioner
Living area with LED TV
Bed linen and towels
Toilet with shower and washing machine
Depending on your selected support level, we
could take care of the cleaning for you. From daily to one-time cleaning, you decide.
Access to 24-hour helpline: Vovam own maintenance team is ready to help you
with a vehicle that will help you!

Quite simply, Vovam Serviced Apartments offers you a move-in ready option, where you
can enjoy relaxation and convenience so you’ll feel at home when you are traveling.