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What is Guest House?

A Guest House is a type of lodging. They are a kind of cheap, hotel-like accommodation in some parts of the world. It is a private home that has been converted for the exclusive use of accommodation in others. The owner usually lives within the property in a completely separate location, and the guest may act as the business of lodging. This type of accommodation has a few benefits like:
Personalized attention
Healthy and homemade food

These all benifits you will get if you visit vovam service apartment in Nashik, Maharashtra.

In some parts of the world, guest houses are the only type of accommodation accessible to visitors who 

have no local family to stay with. Among the features that distinguish hotel from guest house, 

or inn, is the lack of full-time employees.
Bed and breakfast and guest houses in India are family owned and the family live on the
premises through family members are not normally available during the evening. However
most family members work a 10 to 12 hours day from 6am as they may employ part-time service.
Hotels maintain a staff presence 24 hours a day and 7 days a week, Where as a guest house
has a more limited staff presence, check in at a guest house is often by appointment.
An inn also usually has a restaurant attached.
In India tremendous growth can be seen in this business especially in Delhi, Mumbai,
Pune, Nashik Where progress of IT Sector is most influinial factor. Now a days this
accommodation sector has improved itself a lot.

Even this house converted from home is also provided 3 star equivalent facilities to its guests.

Life in a paying guest house:-

People living in paid guest house can be from various states and cultures, and people living in 

PG accommodation often choose points to make their lives simple and relaxed.
sharing and adjustments
Acknowledging the small matters
Exchanging of contact numbers
Keeping focus on study
USing of eye band and ear plugs
Participating in get-together
safety check

There are usually two variants of the guest house payable:
#Home converted
#Professionally run with all necessary amenities and staff.
Maybe the guest must stay with family in the first edition of the guest house where they

 only get shelter and food and for the rest of the jobs such as washing the clothes and utensils, cleaning

 the space or area around their bed is to be done by guest.In the secound edition,

 the guest receives all the requisite  amenities for living comfortably as a fully furnished suite, comfortable bed, air conditioning, 

Television, hot and cold water supply as well as an important aspect, health.
A big benefit of a qualified guest house service is that the owner meets the
safety norms set by their local government.
Some of the important safety point are:
Fire safety with regular fire drills
disaster management
Updated safety equipments
Information sign boards for guests and staff
Government certifications

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