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Trekking Spots For Adventure Near Nashik In Monsoon.

Trekking Spots For Adventure Near Nashik In Monsoon.

     Most Popular Trekking Spots in Nashik for adventure lovers that everyone must visit. Here are the top 18 spots that you can try. Harishchandragad, Ahmednagar (90 km from Kalyan Railway Station, 162 km from Ahmednagar, 120 km from Nashik, 173 km from Pune, 183 km from Thane)

Harishchandragad, Ahmednagar

Harishchandragad is fort mountain in Ahmednagar district as well as famous trekking site with a modest problem. The fort is perfect for camping as the fort has around 9 caves to stay. Take enough water, meals as well as clothes for camping as not any arrangement on the fort. Attractions of the fort include- Kedareshwar Cave is the most important cave just where big Shivlinga together with sculptures are carved. The vast cave has Shivlinga surrounded by water as well as four carved pillars. Kokan Kada is a cliff in which breathtaking view of the Kokan may be seen.

Taramati Peak is leading point of the fort that provides a breathtaking view of Naneghat as well as Murbad forest. Saptatirtha Pushkarni is lake made in old times as well as has temple constructions with idols of Lord Vishnu. Nageshwar temple is well known for its creative carvings as well as has 1.5 m lengthy sculpture of Lord Vishnu in the sleeping posture. Harishchandreshwar temple is an awesome specimen of the rock carving sculptures of olden days.

A stay may be feasible at the caves on the fort as well as the villagers on top of the fort make the food plannings. Closest Railway Station is Kalyan station on Central route. State Transport buses traveling in the direction of Malshej Ghat is available from Kalyan Station. Get down at Khubi phata as well as begin walking over 6 km dam. When reached Hareshwar village the real trek for Harishchandragad will start.

Kalsubai, Ahmednagar

Kalsubai is the largest peak point of the hill range of Sahyadri with very easy trekking. Kalsubai temple is situated at the best peak of Sahyadri hill range of Maharashtra. The largest peak was utilized while seeing a tower in Maratha Empire and now provides a wonderful view of surrounding forests as well as places.

The base beginning point of the trek is at Bari village that is 12 km from Bhandardara. To get to the base point at Bari, get the bus from Igatpuri or take bus/shared taxi from Kasara railway station. Closest Railway Station Kasara on Central Railway path, State transport buses are available from Nashik as well as close by cities.

Ratangad, Bhandardara

Ratangad fort is among the famous trekking destinations in Maharashtra. The trekking route composes of green valley road with medium problem level. The fort 2000 years old was obtained by Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj from Moghul. The historic fort was among Shivaji Maharaj’s favorite forts as well as has various water cisterns as well as caves. The fort has a natural rock peak with a cavity inside it at the very top that is called ‘Nedhe’ or ‘Eye of the Needle’.

The fort has various gates like Ganesh, Hanuman, Konkan, and Trimbak. At top, the breathtaking view of the Bhandardara dam and luxurious green valley is mind-blowing. The base village of trek is 22 km from Shendi/ Bhandardara it is linked by both road as well as ferry.

Anjaneri, Trimbak road

Situated on Trimbak road, Anjaneri is famous trekking route with very easy difficulty level as well as emerged with lots of waterfalls in monsoon. Anjaneri is said to be the birthplace of Lord Hanuman and named after the name of Hanumanji’s mother, Anjani. The trek begins from the base village, Anjaneri as well as very first discover a few Jain caves. After reaching the top, the two historic temples of Anjani Mata and Sita caves with a few carvings.

Avandha Fort, Igatpuri

Avandha Fort is situated at 4300 foot high above the sea level. The fort is famous for rock-cut caves, fortifications as well as five water reservoirs. The entry of the fort is carved a single rock. The fort also is popular for trekking with higher problem level from the base villages of Girwadi as well as Kadwa Colony. From the top, Patta fort, Aad Fort, as well as Mhasoba mountain may be seen. Closest railway station is Igatpuri. MSRTC buses, as well as shared taxis, are available to reach Girwadi.

Do you really love trekking??? Here are more Trekking Spots For Adventure Near Nashik.

  1. Balwantgad fort, Igatpuri
    Balwantgad fort is a tiny fort in Kasara region with a very easy trek from base village Maal. The places of tourist attractions are a long wall of bastions, historic carved items as well as destroyed structures. There is also nothing to observe on the fort however it provides an amazing view of Tringalwadi fort as well as the Kasara-Igatpuri train track. Closest railway station is Igatpuri. MSRTC buses and shared taxis are present from Igatpuri.
  2. Bitangad fort, Igatpuri
    This fort is situated at a height of 4000 feet above the sea level along with an average grade trek. The area of the fort is tiny at the top thus it may be said that the fort was utilized like a watchtower just like the Aundh fort. As well you will find extremely less remnants on the fort. The fort has place in which one could stay overnight to experience the scene overnight. It will take an hour to reach from the base village. Closest railway station is Igatpuri. MSRTC buses, as well as shared taxis, are available from Igatpuri.
  3. Brahmagiri, Trimbakeshwar
    Brahmagiri is located in Trimbakeshwar village as well as famous for trekking and nature trails in monsoon. They are also said to be hill form of Lord Shiva as well as the origin of Godavari River. A lot of followers go to this place in Shravan month( August/September). Trimbakeshwar Temple is perched on the charming lusting green Brahmagiri mountain hills. MSRTC buses are available from Nashik as well as other city.
  4. Camel Valley, Igatpuri
    Camel Valley in Igatpuri is located close by to the impressive Bhatsa River Valley. The main attraction of the valley is the beautiful waterfall which falls from a height of 1000 feet. Closest railway station is Igatpuri. MSRTC buses, as well as shared taxis, are available from Igatpuri.
  5. Five Waterfalls, Igatpuri
    Five waterfalls are the monsoon hot place of Igatpuri. It is really situated ahead Ghatandevi, the difficult road leading to the railway line starts. Across the railway line, when climbing down, falling one below the other is waterfall heaven. The closest biggest railway station is Igatpuri.
  6. Harihargad( Harshgad), Trimbak
    Trimbak range of Nashik is extended to the north of Igatpuri as well as keeps a lot of ancient forts. Harihargad is among these forts as well as well known for medium difficulty level for trekking. The temple seems like in rectangular in shape as well as has a simple plateau at the top. The fort has historic temples of Lord Hanuman, Lord Shiva as well as small water reservoir.
  7. Kavni Fort, Igatpuri
    Kavni Fort is situated at 2500 feet high above the sea level as well as a medium grade trek. The trek in this fort is medium level as well as needed minimum 1 hour to get to the top from base village Kavani. The fort has great formed entrance, caves, structures, water reservoirs as well as bastion. Kalsubai hill range, Trimbak hill range, Tringalwadi several other forts may be seen from the fort. Closest railway station is Igatpuri. MSRTC buses as well as shared taxis are available from Igatpuri.
  8. Muler fort and Hargad, Nashik
    This ancient fort was constructed rulers of Bagul dynasty in 13-14th century. Mulher village is base point of the trek with medium difficulty level. The fort has Ganesh Mandir, Ram Mandir Chandan well, Moti talav as well as ruined palace. Hargad fort is seldom visited by trekkers because of water availability as well as absence of right route. The fort has Someshwar temple, two canons, remnants of palace as well as other structures.
  9. Pattagad fort, Igatpuri
    Pattagad fort is mountain fort situated at above 4500 foot high above sea level. The places of tourist interest the fort are caves, temple of Ashtabhuja Devi, bastions, water tanks, and ruins structures of palace. Pattagad trek is with very easy trekking level and will take 1 hour from base village Pattawadi.

There are many places in Igatpuri you should visit..

  1. Ramshej, Dindori Road
    Ramshej is a tiny Village/hamlet in Dindori Taluka in Nashik District of Khandesh as well as Northern region. Ramshej fort is perfect place for trekking with very easy level of challenges. It is really said that Lord Rama had traveled to this place therefore known as Ramshej.. The fort has cave temple, old lake at the very top as well as chor darwaja on west side.
  2. Salher and Salota Fort, Nashik
    Salher fort of Nashik is the largest fort( 5140 feet) in Maharashtra that provides amazing views of the Baglan hill range. The ancient fort is well known for battle won by Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj over Moghul. The fort has medium challenges level as well as camping may be done in caves on the fort. The fort also has Parashuram temple, gates and water tanks. Salota fort( 4986 foot) is situated within some km from Salhar fort and one day trek is enough to cover both forts. The top of Salota provides an outstanding view of Salher fort.
  3. Tringalwadi Fort, Igatpuri
    Tringalwadi Fort is mountain fort close to Tringalwadi village that is 7 km from Igatpuri railway station. The mountain fort is currently in ruined condition as well as currently remains are the gates, damaged structures as well as Hanuman temple. The origin as well as creator of the temple is not called as well as said to be of 10th century based on the Pandav caves. The top of fort is green plateau along with the ruined structure of palace. Jain caves are situated at the base of the fort as well as dates back to 10th century. The cave is devoted to first Jain Tirthankar, Adinathji and has carved ceilings. The fort is a wonderful trekking destination mainly in monsoon as well as very easy trekking level with 2 hours’ time from base village. Closest railway station is Igatpuri. Closest MSRTC bus stand is Ambedkar chowk and Ghoti to reach Tringalwadi village.
  4. Vihigaon Waterfalls, Igatpuri
    Vihigaon waterfall is situated around 7 km from Kasara as well as 10 km from Igatpuri close to Vihigaon village. The waterfall is situated in a lush green forest as well as provides a breathtaking view of cascading water flow. MSRTC buses, as well as shared taxis, are available from Igatpuri

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