Tourist Attractions


Here are the best tourist attractions in Nashik you must visit in your life…

1. Trimbakeshwar

Tryambakeshwar Temple

The holy temple of Trimbakeshwar is considered to be one of the holiest Lord Shiva temples in India. It houses one of the 12 Jyortirlingas that are renowned pilgrimage centres in the country. The temple is nestled on the foot of the massive Brahmagiri Hills in the holy city of Trimbak. Such is the piousness of this beautiful city that it has been mentioned in the Mrityunjaya Mantra. The temple was developed back in the eighteenth century by Peshwa Nana Saheb, the then Maratha Ruler. This is an outstanding piece of artwork the architecture of which is worth admiring. The sanctity of the temple is further enhanced by a kund or Kusavarta which is the source to the holy river water of Godavari. The Jyotirlinga features three faces that symbolize Lord Rudra, Lord Brahma, as well as Lord Vishnu, three different gods of the Hindus. The outside of the temple features some local vendors selling crispy corns which you can use to satiate your hunger craving.

Distance from Hotel – 26.1 km

Approximate Time to Explore the Place – Half a day

Visiting Hours – 05:30 AM – 09:00 PM

Entry Fee – No visiting hours


2. Coin Museum

Coin Museum

Since 1980, Nashik’s renowned Coin Museum is an inevitable part of the Indian Institute of Research in Numismatic Studies. It houses an amazing and exclusive collection of a number of coins of various materials dating back to different ages. The museum helps you know in details about the gradual evolution of the currency system of the country. Therefore, in case you’re a history buff then this place is an ideal tourist attraction for you.

Distance from Hotel – 19.1 km

Approximate Time to Explore the Place – a couple of hours

Visiting Hours – You can visit the museum from Mondays to Saturdays – 09:30 AM – 01:00 PM and 02:00 PM – 05:30 PM. The museum is closed on Sundays as well as other public holidays.

Entry Fee – No entry fee

Concludingly, Nashik is one of such religious cities that feature many religious tourist attractions for one to visit and explore. There are also a number of nashik tourist places nearby which can be visited on a day’s trip or even over a weekend. These places to visit in Nashik hold a lot of significance in the religious sector of the country. In order to optimize your travel, plan your itinerary for the best time to visit the city. There are also a number of choices for affordable stay in Nashik that you can book online at any convenient hour of the day. Happy Booking!! Happy Holidaying!!


3. Anjaneri Hills

anjaneri hills nashik

The Anjaneri Hills has received its name from the name of the mother of Lord Hanuman, Anjani. These hills are said to be Lord Hanuman’s birthplace. Nestled in the massive mountain ranges of Trimbakeshwar-Nashik, the hills of Anjaneri feature the renowned Anjaneri fort. The fort and hills hold quite a significance spiritually and is also a highly popular spot amongst the various hiking enthusiasts.

Distance from Hotel – 22.5 km

Approximate Time to Explore the Place – 2 to 3 hours

Visiting Hours – During the day time

Entry Fee – No entry fee

4. Sula Vineyard

Sula Wines Nashik

The Sula Vineyards is a renowned winery situated in Nashik. It is nestled around 180 kilometres of Mumbai in the north eastern direction. It is popular for its various varieties of wine including Sauvignon Blanc, Zinfandel, Chenin Blanc, and Riesling. The establishment started with merely a thirty-acre estate in Nashik and gradually extended to around eighteen hundred acres spread across Karnataka and Nashik. The vineyard is open to being visited and explored by the public all year round. You can take a tour of the place and also taste the various varieties of wines at nominal rates. There are 60 wineries in all that Sula Vineyard boasts. It is also the first ever Winery in the country. In the months ranging from January to March, you can enjoy the Grape Stomping activity. The vineyard also features a bottle shop, two restaurants, and a gift shop. Additionally, there is also a spacious resort to live in, a tasting room for people to sit and taste various wines produced, and a winery.

Distance from Hotel – 12.5 kilometers

Approximate Time to Explore the Place – 2 to 3 Hours

Visiting Hours – 11:30 AM – 6:30 PM

Entry Fee – INR 150 per pint, Touring and Tasting 4 wines

INR 250 per pint, Touring and Tasting 6 wines

INR 100 per piny


5. Panchvati

The holy land of Panchvati is quite a popular pious destination for the pilgrims especially the Hindus who are strong believers of the epic Ramayana. This is a peaceful, serene town situated close to Nashik where there are a number of sightings that hold remarkable significance in the much renowned and holy epic of Ramayana. For someone who has heard stories from the great epic, this place would hold many answers to the inheld curiosity. While exploring Panchvati one can also make plans to visit tourist places like Sita Gufa and Kalaram Temple as these are nestled nearby.

Distance from Hotel – 6.7 km

Approximate Time to Explore the Place – Half a day

Visiting Hours – During the day time

Entry Fee – No entry fee


6. Kalaram Temple

Kalaram Mandir

Another popular religious places to visit in Nashik is the Kalaram Temple. It is quite a significant temple that is visited by pilgrims all throughout the year. The temple has derived its unique name from Lord Rama’s status coloured in black. There are also other idols found inside the temple like a black coloured statue of Lord Hanuman, and also the statues of Lord Lakshman and Sita. While visiting the temple, you can hire a guide to show you around the temple and its structures. This renowned temple had also hosted a movement of the Dalits in historical times. Another nearby attraction that you can explore while visiting Kalaram Temple is Kapileshwara temple.

Distance from Hotel – 7.2 km

Approximate Time to Explore the Place – an hour

Visiting Hours – During the day time

Entry Fee – No entry fee


7. Sita Gufa

Sita Gufa is situated close to Panchvati. It is said to be the place where Ravana had kept Sita, wife of Lord Rama after kidnapping her in disguise. The place features a narrow staircase that leads to the inside of the caves. The inside of the cave houses the idols of Sita, Lord Rama, and Lord Lakshmana. Additionally, it also houses the ancient Shivling which is said to be the one that Sita worshipped during her abducted days. It is one of those places that every Hindu would desire to visit.

Distance from Hotel – 7.4 km

Approximate Time to Explore the Place – Half an hour.

Visiting Hours – No specific visiting hours

Entry Fee – No entry fee


8. Muktidham Temple

muktidham temple nashik

Muktidham Temples of the city of Nashik is a holy abode to a number of Hindu gods. It is made using authentic marble of Rajasthan. It is also home to the twelve renowned Jyortirlingams replicas that have been sanctified by the original shrines. The place also features an ancient temple of Lord Krishna that beautifully depicts the 18 chapters of Geeta as well as the life of Lord Krishna on the high risen walls. Other temples that are present here include Lord Durga Temple, Lord Laxmi Temple, Lord Ganesh Temple, and Lord Hanuman Temple.

Distance from Hotel – 13.1 km

Approximate Time to Explore the Place – a couple of hours

Visiting Hours – 06:00 AM – 07:00 PM

Entry Fee – No entry fee


9. Pandavleni Caves

Pandavleni Caves

Nestled on the beautiful Trivashmi Hills, Pandavleni Caves are one of the most renowned ancient rock-cut caves of the country. These ancient caves date back in history and are over two thousand years old. Constructed approximately between third century BC and 2nd century AD, these caves are a cluster of twenty-four caves that are dedicated to Hinayana Buddhism. Some of the other offerings of the caves include museums, a number of food outlets, and musical fountains. Other attractions to be found inside the caves include carvings, water tanks, a number of monasteries, pillars, and shrines. These caves were developed by Kshaharatas and Satavahanas rulers of those times for the monks. Other popular names for these caves are Nasik Caves, Pandu Caves as well as Pandavleni Caves. These caves have been home to various renowned and prominent saints of the Jains including Tirthankara Vrishabdeo, Veer Manibhadraji, and Ambika Devi. The third and the tenth caves out of all the twenty-four caves are the beautiful most ones. Both these caves feature outstanding and unique architecture.

Distance from Hotel – 6.1 km

Approximate Time to Explore the Place – 2 to 3 hours

Visiting Hours – 8:00 AM – 6:00 PM

Entry Fee – On every Friday the entry is absolutely free of cost while on various other days the fee is INR 2 for adults and free for kids up to 15 years of age.


10. Jain Temple

Jain temple nashikThe newly constructed Jain Temple is a brilliant attraction added to Nashik tourist place. It is an elaborate structure with outstanding architecture. The development of the temple features three spacious stories. The temple has been constructed mainly using high quality white coloured marble as well as pink coloured sand. The temple houses the deity of the twenty-fourth of the Jains’ Thirthankara. It is visited by Jain pilgrims as well as others from all across the country.

Distance from Hotel – 8.2 km

Approximate Time to Explore the Place – a couple of hours

Visiting Hours – During the day time

Entry Fee – No entry fee


11. Saptashrungi Temple

Saptashrungi is a part of the beautiful Sahyadri Ranges. It is a beautiful hill range that features one hundred and eight water bodies also known as Kundas. These Kundas are the beauty of the Saptashrungi hills. The hills are incredibly beautiful and are covered by lush green forests which also hold medicinal value. As per Hindu beliefs, while lord Lakshmana was lying unconscious, Lord Hanumana flew to these hills in order to look for ‘Sanjeevani’ herb. The hill range also features the holy Saptashrungi temple. Another must nashik tourist place in your list.

Distance from Hotel – 71 km

Approximate Time to Explore the Place – 1 day

Visiting Hours – All day long

Entry Fee – No entry fee


12. Dugarwadi Falls

Dugarwadi Falls Nashik

The renowned Dugarwadi falls is considered as one of the most popular waterfalls featuring the most amazing view. The place is a popular tourist destination as it offers a panoramic view with excellent landscapes. Many photographers visit the place to capture some of the excellent clicks of their lifetime. During the monsoons, the waterfall is fed with water in extreme bulk and force and this, in turn, is quite a view to behold.

Distance from Hotel – 33.3 km

Approximate Time to Explore the Place – Half an hour to one hour

Visiting Hours – No specific hours

Entry Fee – No entry fee