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Ramshej Fort Nashik

Ramshej fort|killa in Nashik history and trekking


In this article you will get all information about Ramshej fort/killa in Nashik.

A small historical fort is situated at Nashik-Peth Road in Maharashtra, at a distance of 14.5 km from Nashik, Ramsej or Ramshej Fort/killa. Ramshej Fort is
located at an altitude of 3273 feet and is one of Maharashtra’s famous moonsoon trekking spots.

history and trekking of Ramshej fort in Nashik

Ramshej means Lord Ram’s Foundation. For some time this place was the residence or shelter, which is why it got its name as Ramshej. When the Marathas
were under Sambhaji Maharaj’s charge, Aurangzeb decided to fully terminate the Hindavi Swarajya, hence he came to Maharashtra.
The Nashik was in the Mughals hands in those days so they decided to capture Ramshej fort. Yet this proved very difficult to take the fort. Aurangzeb
sent a 40,000-strong force of soldiers and canons under the leadership of Shahbuddin Gaziudin Firoze jung.
The fort had 600 Mavalas, when the fort was sieged by Mughals. The Mavalas resisted this assault by throwing stones at them, forcing the Mughals to
step back. The siege was strengthened further by the Shahbuddin who blasted the area and made wooden stages for holding his canons and making further
camps in that area.
For this sort of wars the commander of the fort or killedar was more professional and he put an end to their plans. Shahbuddin built wooden bastions
that could easily accommodate around 500 soldiers and 50 canons. Eventually, they cleared the forest to create the entire bastion.
The attempt to attack from the bastion failed. The Sambhaji Maharaj was sent to break the siege in May 1662 with an army of 7000 Manaji More and
Rupaji Bhosale. The place close to Ganeshgaon is where Marathas was tested by Shahbuddin. Mughals lost 500 horses to the Marathas, and the Marathas
proved victory.
Once again Shahbuddin tensed the siege and began the assault on the fort of Ramshej, and again the mavals attacked with stones thrown on them. Raja
Dalapat Rai was wounded in this attack and then they retired. Number of failures made shahbuddin withdraw and left Junnar.
It was named for the siege to Bahadur khan. He overhauled the siege strategy and assaulted the castle. Mughal army section with canons and equipment
was made to stand on one side of the fort by which Marathas would attack this side and Mughals would attack from the other side.
The Marathas were conscious and split the army into two parts. A tantrik was called to make a new plan but the tantrik asked for a golden snake
weighing about 100 tola. With this snake’s aid, he told him that he would lead the army to the fort’s main gate.
He led the army, keeping an eye on the fort before the main gate. We started there stone when the army came to the Marathas goal because of which the
Tantrik got injured and the snake fell to the ground. As Aurangzeb said he would return to the bahdur khan, the Mughals retired.
The Marathas battled for the fort for 65 months, the Aurangzeb sent Kasimkhan Kirmani to assault the Ramshej but he also failed.
Within a large cave, we can see the fort of ram mandir. The devotees take care of the cave should one live. On the walls of the caves are
inscriptions, nearby cisterns where potable water is available.
There is an open tunnel. The path in the vicinity of this cave brings us to the machi. Mukhya Darwaja is the main entrance to the fort under the
mountain. This darwaja is now in poor shape. From here you walk to a few water cisterns and a large pond.

During the Navratratras Devi Mandir is often praised. Hidden darwaja can be seen on the fort and two more cisterns, a few house remnants. It takes
about 1 hour to reach the top of the fort, forming the base village. It takes hours, in all, to see the fort. We can see from above Bhorgad and
Chambar Caves.


Time to reach the top on Ramshej Fort:
1-2 Hours

Accommodation Availability Near Ramshej Fort:

There is place on Ramshej Fort where you can stay. but only 8-10 people can stay there. And if you want to stay with all amenities like hotels, The accommodation is available in Nashik city. There are many options in Nashik where you can stay for short of long time.

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bhandardara Campaigning

Bhandardara Dam Camping Best Hotels and Resorts | Maharashtra


Here you will get all information about Bhandardara Dam Camping Best Hotels and Resorts in Bhandardara.

Bhandardara is a small hill station and a holiday resort situated in Maharashtra district of Ahmednagar, at a distance of 70 km’s from Nashik, 104 km’s from Shirdi, 157 km’s from Pune and 172 km from Mumbai. The place is renowned for its natural beauty and calming environment.It is one of Maharashtra’s lesser-known hill stations and also one of the most beautiful places to visit near Mumbai. This is one of the popular tourist spots in Maharashtra, too.


Bhandardara is on the banks of the Pravara River, at an altitude of 750 m. Sage Agastya meditated over here for a year, according to a legend. Pleased with his penance, he was rewarded by Gods with a river Ganga stream now known as the Pravara river.This tiny hill station is a mixture of natural beauty, waterfalls, mountains, peace, greenery, refreshing air and untouched atmosphere. It is an excellent place for trekkers and for tourists traveling to Nashik and Shirdi a popular stopover.Because of its eco-tourism opportunities it draws many visitors every year. The Arthur River, the Randha Waterfalls, Umbrella Falls, Bhandardara Dam or Wilson Dam and Amruteshwar Temple are important places to visit in Bhandardara.


For adventure lovers Bhandardara provides plenty of opportunities for quick treks and hikes. The most interesting and exciting trek is the little trek to Fort Ratangad. This enjoys an excellent view all around and is said to be the Maratha king’s favourite fort, Shivaji maharaj.During the 6th century, when the Kalchuri dynasty ruled, the Harishchandragad Fort was built. A favorite place for trekking is the popular Mount Kalsubai (1646 m), the highest peak in Maharashtra.


The nearest airport, which is about 90 km from Bhandardara, is Ozar(Nashik) Airport. The closest railway station is Igatpuri Railway Station which is 40 km from Bhandardara. Mumbai, Shirdi, Dharbhanga, Kolkata, Amritsar, Patna, Faizabad, Nagpur, Varanasi,Allahabad, Hyderabad, Bhopal, Lucknow, Puri, Pune, Delhi, Kochi, Ranchi, Goa, Kazipet, Guwahati, Agra, Chennai, Manmad and Bangalore. There are regular bus services to reach Bhandardara from Mumbai, Pune, Nashik, Shirdi, and Igatpuri.


Service Homes, resorts and budget hotels in bhandardara offer many accommodation options. The lake is surrounded by all good hotels, service homes, and resorts. The famous accommodation options in Bhandardara include MTDC Holiday Resort, Anandvaan Resort, and Yash Resort.


The best time to visit Bhandardara is from September through February when the weather is conducive for exploring the post monsoon outdoors.


Best hotels and Resorts in bhandardara.

Here are best hotels/resorts in Bhandardara

  1. Samadhan hotel:

Address.: Sinner Ghoti Highways, ,Tal -Akole, Dist Ahemadnagar 422604 Bhandardara


  1. Anandvan Resort in Bhandardara:

Address.: Ghatghar Road, Village Shendi,

Bhandardara, Dist. Ahmednagar.


  1. Hotel Greenpalm Retreat:

Address.: Greenpalm Resort Bhandardara

At/post-Waki  BHANDARDARA Tal-Akole, Dist-AHMEDNAGAR

MH 422604 

 Telephone: 9822796720, 9067294219,9404696211


  1. Hotel Panchasheel:

Address.: Bhandardara Dam – Picnic Point, Bhandardara.


  1. Wanderlust Resort:

Address.: Wanderlust Resort Agro Tourism Bhandardara Shendi Tel Akole Dis, 422604, Bhandardara , India


  1. Amruteshwar Hotel:

Address.: Maharashtra State Highway 44,

Shendi Bhandardhara, Maharashtra 422604


Some Best Places in Bhandardara.


  1. Umbrella Falls

Distance (From Bhandardara): 0.5 Kms

Umbrella Falls is a stunning seasonal waterfall situated at the Bhandardara Dam in Maharashtra district of Ahmednagar, 500 meters from Bhandardara Bus Stop. It is one of the best places to visit in Bhandardara, and also one of Maharashtra’s best waterfalls.


2.Arthur Lake & Wilson Dam

Distance (From Bhandardara): 0.5 Kms

Because of the construction of the Wilson Dam, Arthur Lake is created at a distance of 500 m from Bhandardara Bus Stop and is fed by Pravara River. This lake is also called Lake Arthur Hill, or Lake Bhandardara. In Bhandardara hill station it is one of the top places to vis it.


The placid, green lake is surrounded by dense Sahyadri hill forests. This lake is about 34 km long and the stream features a spectacular waterfall, called Randha Falls, which descends from over 45 m high. This lake also has religious significance, as Agastya Rishi was meditating at this spot.


3.Randha Falls

Distance (From Bhandardara): 10 Kms

Randha Falls is a beautiful waterfall situated on the Rajur-Bhandardara road in Maharashtra district of Ahmednagar, at a distance of 10 km from Bhandardara Bus Stop, located 156 km from Pune & 177 km from Mumbai.


The waterfall is built over Pravara River and cascades down from a height of 170 feet into a breathtaking gorge. Considered one of India’s famous waterfalls, the jaw-dropping Randha Falls is a must-visit location during the monsoon and also one of Bhandardara’s most popular places to visit.

Here are some places you must visit in Maharashtra.:

 Top 7 places to visit in Maharashtra.

Trimbakeshwar Temple

Trimbakeshwar Temple Travel Guide In Nashik


Travel Guide For Trimbakeshwar Temple In Nashik

Here you will get all the information about Travel Guide For Trimbakeshwar Temple In Nashik.

Not a lot of people can have known of Trimbakeshwar Temple as it has still to make it to this list of most popular religious destinations in India such as Shirdi, Tirupati Balaji, and Vaishno Devi. This travel guide to Trimbakeshwar helps you understand how to reach Trimbakeshwar, the best time to go, what to do and where to stay.

Located in the Nashik district of Maharashtra, Trimbakeshwar is popularly known as Trimbak. It is 30 km from Nashik. Trimbak is famous for the Trimbakeshwar Temple, which is one of the 12 jyotirlingas spread all over India(i.e. Somnath, Mallikarjuna, Mahakaleswar, Omkareshwar, Kedarnath, Bhimashankar, Kashi Viswanath, Vaidyanath Jyotirlinga, Nageswar, Rameshwar, Grishneshwar). The temple town of Trimbak is also the source of the Godawari river that originates in the Brahmagiri Hills (hills can be seen in the backdrop of Trimbakeshwar Temple).

There are the number of stories associated with the temple & how the area came to being as the source of the Godavari. The short and sweet of it is that Rishi Gautama was able to stay here along with his wife Ahliya. A cow has been accidently killed by him when he threw a dharba at her (sharp, pointed grass), when she entered his field. To absolve of gao hatya (sin of killing a cow), he had been asked to have a dip in the sacred waters of the Ganges. He then exhorted Lord Shiva to send the river Ganges on the ground, so he can atone for his sin. Lord Shiva relented but not before Gautama rishi and his wife had mediated for years. In the last, the trinity of Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh descended and stayed here in the form of a linga, which is different from usual Shivlingas that you see in a temple.

Trimbakeshwar Temple

The temple is beautifully built in black stone. It had been constructed during the 17th century by Nanasaheb Peshwa. The temple presents a gorgeous sight at the background of Brahmagiri Hills.

Unlike most temples, the sanctum sanctorum (garbh griha) in Trimbakeshwar Temple is also approx. Three feet deep and a mirror was put above it, so that devotees could have darshan of this linga. Girls and Women’s aren’t allowed to enter the sanctum sanctorum. A man could enter just having a priest of this temple to get Rudra Abhisheka.

Here are some frequently asked questions about Trimbakeshwar Temple.

Where is Trimbakeshwar?
Trimbakeshwar popularly known as Trimbak is a temple town in the Nashik district of Maharashtra.

How can I reach Trimbakeshwar?
Trimbak can be reached by road, rail, and air. Ozar is the nearest airport, while Nashik Road is the nearest railway station. Frequent buses are available from Mumbai, Shirdi, Manmad, Pune and other major towns to Nashik.

Which is the nearest airport to Trimbakeshwar?
First is Nashik (Ozar Airport) approx. 40 km away from trimbak and Mumbai, approx. 200 km away from Trimbak is the secound nearest airport to Trimbakeshwar.

Which is the nearest railway station to Trimbakeshwar?
Nashik Road, approx. 40 km away from Trimbak is the nearest railway station to Trimbakeshwar.

Are buses available from the Nashik Road railway station to Trimbak?
Buses to Trimbak are available from CBS, which is a short form of Central Bus Stand. CBS is approximately 10 km from Nashik Road railway station. There is a bus stand just outside the Nashik Road railway station and you can get one to CBS. There are plenty of auto-rickshaws as well, which can drop you at CBS.

What is the best time to visit Trimbakeshwar?
July to March is the best time to visit Trimbakeshwar.

How much time does it take from Nashik to reach Trimbak?
It takes close to an hour to reach Trimbak from Nashik if you travel by public transport, a taxi may take less time.

Which is the best time to visit Trimbakeshwar Temple?
Early morning is the best time to visit the Trimbakeshwar temple. It gets crowded after 10 am. The temple timings are from 5.30 am to 9 pm. Every Monday (4 to 5 pm), the crown of the lord is taken out on a procession to the kund.

Where can One stay at Trimbak? Or Nearby Hotels In Trimbakeshwar.
There are plenty of hotels and Dharamshala in Trimbak. You can get a room for as low as Rs. 400. Since Trimbak is not a large town, you are always at a walking distance from Trimbakeshwar Temple. Or if you want to stay in the best and luxury service apartment with the affordable price range you must visit vovam service apartment– the best place to stay with all amenities like Wifi, 24-hour hot water, T.V., Laundry Service, A.C., Room Service, Quality Food and many more.

Can I take a wallet and cell phone within the temple?
An individual can’t take a mobile pocket and phone within the temple. It’s better to leave them in your resort. There’s a shoe rack around the left-hand side of this temple gate at which you are able to keep your things safely.

If you go for Rudra Abhishek, please note that you need to wear a dhoti and angoncha and nothing else.

service apartment

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Monsoon Treaking Spots For Adventure Near Nashik

Trekking Spots For Adventure Near Nashik In Monsoon.


Most Popular Trekking Spots in Nashik for adventure lovers that everyone must visit. Here are the top 18 spots that you can try.

Harishchandragad, Ahmednagar
(90 km from Kalyan Railway Station, 162 km from Ahmednagar, 120 km from Nashik, 173 km from Pune, 183 km from Thane)

  1. Harishchandragad, Ahmednagar
    Harishchandragad is fort mountain in Ahmednagar district as well as famous trekking site with a modest problem. The fort is perfect for camping as the fort has around 9 caves to stay. Take enough water, meals as well as clothes for camping as not any arrangement on the fort.
    Attractions of the fort include-
    Kedareshwar Cave is the most important cave just where big Shivlinga together with sculptures are carved. The vast cave has Shivlinga surrounded by water as well as four carved pillars.
    Kokan Kada is a cliff in which breathtaking view of the Kokan may be seen.
    Taramati Peak is leading point of the fort that provides a breathtaking view of Naneghat as well as Murbad forest.
    Saptatirtha Pushkarni is lake made in old times as well as has temple constructions with idols of Lord Vishnu.
    Nageshwar temple is well known for its creative carvings as well as has 1.5 m lengthy sculpture of Lord Vishnu in the sleeping posture.
    Harishchandreshwar temple is an awesome specimen of the rock carving sculptures of olden days.
    A stay may be feasible at the caves on the fort as well as the villagers on top of the fort make the food plannings.
    Closest Railway Station is Kalyan station on Central route. State Transport buses traveling in the direction of Malshej Ghat is available from Kalyan Station. Get down at Khubi phata as well as begin walking over 6 km dam. When reached Hareshwar village the real trek for Harishchandragad will start.
  2. Kalsubai, Ahmednagar
    Kalsubai is the largest peak point of the hill range of Sahyadri with very easy trekking. Kalsubai temple is situated at the best peak of Sahyadri hill range of Maharashtra. The largest peak was utilized while seeing a tower in Maratha Empire and now provides a wonderful view of surrounding forests as well as places. The base beginning point of the trek is at Bari village that is 12 km from Bhandardara.
    To get to the base point at Bari, get the bus from Igatpuri or take bus/shared taxi from Kasara railway station. Closest Railway Station Kasara on Central Railway path, State transport buses are available from Nashik as well as close by cities.
  3. Ratangad, Bhandardara
    Ratangad fort is among the famous trekking destinations in Maharashtra. The trekking route composes of green valley road with medium problem level. The fort 2000 years old was obtained by Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj from Moghul. The historic fort was among Shivaji Maharaj’s favorite forts as well as has various water cisterns as well as caves. The fort has a natural rock peak with a cavity inside it at the very top that is called ‘Nedhe’ or ‘Eye of the Needle’. The fort has various gates like Ganesh, Hanuman, Konkan, and Trimbak. At top, the breathtaking view of the Bhandardara dam and luxurious green valley is mind-blowing. The base village of trek is 22 km from Shendi/ Bhandardara it is linked by both road as well as ferry.
  4. Anjaneri, Trimbak road
    Situated on Trimbak road, Anjaneri is famous trekking route with very easy difficulty level as well as emerged with lots of waterfalls in monsoon. Anjaneri is said to be the birthplace of Lord Hanuman and named after the name of Hanumanji’s mother, Anjani. The trek begins from the base village, Anjaneri as well as very first discover a few Jain caves. After reaching the top, the two historic temples of Anjani Mata and Sita caves with a few carvings.
  5. Avandha Fort, Igatpuri
    Avandha Fort is situated at 4300 foot high above the sea level. The fort is famous for rock-cut caves, fortifications as well as five water reservoirs. The entry of the fort is carved a single rock. The fort also is popular for trekking with higher problem level from the base villages of Girwadi as well as Kadwa Colony. From the top, Patta fort, Aad Fort, as well as Mhasoba mountain may be seen. Closest railway station is Igatpuri. MSRTC buses, as well as shared taxis, are available to reach Girwadi.

Do you really love treaking??? Here are more Trekking Spots For Adventure Near Nashik.

  1. Balwantgad fort, Igatpuri
    Balwantgad fort is a tiny fort in Kasara region with a very easy trek from base village Maal. The places of tourist attractions are a long wall of bastions, historic carved items as well as destroyed structures. There is also nothing to observe on the fort however it provides an amazing view of Tringalwadi fort as well as the Kasara-Igatpuri train track. Closest railway station is Igatpuri. MSRTC buses and shared taxis are present from Igatpuri.
  2. Bitangad fort, Igatpuri
    This fort is situated at a height of 4000 feet above the sea level along with an average grade trek. The area of the fort is tiny at the top thus it may be said that the fort was utilized like a watchtower just like the Aundh fort. As well you will find extremely less remnants on the fort. The fort has place in which one could stay overnight to experience the scene overnight. It will take an hour to reach from the base village. Closest railway station is Igatpuri. MSRTC buses, as well as shared taxis, are available from Igatpuri.
  3. Brahmagiri, Trimbakeshwar
    Brahmagiri is located in Trimbakeshwar village as well as famous for trekking and nature trails in monsoon. They are also said to be hill form of Lord Shiva as well as the origin of Godavari River. A lot of followers go to this place in Shravan month( August/September). Trimbakeshwar Temple is perched on the charming lusting green Brahmagiri mountain hills. MSRTC buses are available from Nashik as well as other city.
  4. Camel Valley, Igatpuri
    Camel Valley in Igatpuri is located close by to the impressive Bhatsa River Valley. The main attraction of the valley is the beautiful waterfall which falls from a height of 1000 feet. Closest railway station is Igatpuri. MSRTC buses, as well as shared taxis, are available from Igatpuri.
  5. Five Waterfalls, Igatpuri
    Five waterfalls are the monsoon hot place of Igatpuri. It is really situated ahead Ghatandevi, the difficult road leading to the railway line starts. Across the railway line, when climbing down, falling one below the other is waterfall heaven. The closest biggest railway station is Igatpuri.
  6. Harihargad( Harshgad), Trimbak
    Trimbak range of Nashik is extended to the north of Igatpuri as well as keeps a lot of ancient forts. Harihargad is among these forts as well as well known for medium difficulty level for trekking. The temple seems like in rectangular in shape as well as has a simple plateau at the top. The fort has historic temples of Lord Hanuman, Lord Shiva as well as small water reservoir.
  7. Kavni Fort, Igatpuri
    Kavni Fort is situated at 2500 feet high above the sea level as well as a medium grade trek. The trek in this fort is medium level as well as needed minimum 1 hour to get to the top from base village Kavani. The fort has great formed entrance, caves, structures, water reservoirs as well as bastion. Kalsubai hill range, Trimbak hill range, Tringalwadi several other forts may be seen from the fort. Closest railway station is Igatpuri. MSRTC buses as well as shared taxis are available from Igatpuri.
  8. Muler fort and Hargad, Nashik
    This ancient fort was constructed rulers of Bagul dynasty in 13-14th century. Mulher village is base point of the trek with medium difficulty level. The fort has Ganesh Mandir, Ram Mandir Chandan well, Moti talav as well as ruined palace. Hargad fort is seldom visited by trekkers because of water availability as well as absence of right route. The fort has Someshwar temple, two canons, remnants of palace as well as other structures.
  9. Pattagad fort, Igatpuri
    Pattagad fort is mountain fort situated at above 4500 foot high above sea level. The places of tourist interest the fort are caves, temple of Ashtabhuja Devi, bastions, water tanks, and ruins structures of palace. Pattagad trek is with very easy trekking level and will take 1 hour from base village Pattawadi.

There are many places in Igatpuri you should visit..

  1. Ramshej, Dindori Road
    Ramshej is a tiny Village/hamlet in Dindori Taluka in Nashik District of Khandesh as well as Northern region. Ramshej fort is perfect place for trekking with very easy level of challenges. It is really said that Lord Rama had traveled to this place therefore known as Ramshej.. The fort has cave temple, old lake at the very top as well as chor darwaja on west side.
  2. Salher and Salota Fort, Nashik
    Salher fort of Nashik is the largest fort( 5140 feet) in Maharashtra that provides amazing views of the Baglan hill range. The ancient fort is well known for battle won by Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj over Moghul. The fort has medium challenges level as well as camping may be done in caves on the fort. The fort also has Parashuram temple, gates and water tanks. Salota fort( 4986 foot) is situated within some km from Salhar fort and one day trek is enough to cover both forts. The top of Salota provides an outstanding view of Salher fort.
  3. Tringalwadi Fort, Igatpuri
    Tringalwadi Fort is mountain fort close to Tringalwadi village that is 7 km from Igatpuri railway station. The mountain fort is currently in ruined condition as well as currently remains are the gates, damaged structures as well as Hanuman temple. The origin as well as creator of the temple is not called as well as said to be of 10th century based on the Pandav caves. The top of fort is green plateau along with the ruined structure of palace. Jain caves are situated at the base of the fort as well as dates back to 10th century. The cave is devoted to first Jain Tirthankar, Adinathji and has carved ceilings. The fort is a wonderful trekking destination mainly in monsoon as well as very easy trekking level with 2 hours’ time from base village. Closest railway station is Igatpuri. Closest MSRTC bus stand is Ambedkar chowk and Ghoti to reach Tringalwadi village.
  4. Vihigaon Waterfalls, Igatpuri
    Vihigaon waterfall is situated around 7 km from Kasara as well as 10 km from Igatpuri close to Vihigaon village. The waterfall is situated in a lush green forest as well as provides a breathtaking view of cascading water flow. MSRTC buses, as well as shared taxis, are available from Igatpuri

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Nashik Treks

Nashik Treks For Those Who Loves Treaking.


Perfect walks, hikes, as well as treks in Nashik. We evaluate the perfect ways and walking as well as trekking holidays. As well as observe further excellent tours as well as activities in Nashik.
Immerse by yourself in Nashik’s breathtaking natural environment on a nature-based evade. Nashik tours are totally hosted, accommodated as well as many foods catered for. There are many places to visit in nashik for trekking lovers.
Be Secure as well as Ready on The Next Adventure with resources from Treks as well as Trails India. Treks and Trails India will give you current details on Nashik hiking trails, gear, navigation, safety instruction and great general information on hiking.

  1. Night Trek to Anjaneri Fort
    Anjaneri fort
    Anjaneri fort is said to be the birthplace of God Hanuman. God Hanuman’s mother name was Anjani, therefore fort knows as Anjaneri. It is the only place on the planet that you can see the temple of Anjani Mata. Anjaneri village is have a walking distance of 10 to 15 minutes from Anjaneri Phata. Two pinnacles known as ‘Navara’ as well as ‘Navari’ may be seen from Anjaneri village.
    Night Trek to Anjaneri Fort Event Details
    Anjaneri fort trek difficulty level: Medium.
    Base village for Anjaneri fort: Anjaneri.
    Anjaneri fort height: 4200 ft.
    Time required to climb Anjaneri fort: 3 hours.
    Region: Trimbakeshwar.
    Cost: Rs. 1100.
  2. Anjaneri Fort Night Trek
    Anjaneri Fort Information
    Anjaneri fort is raised at a height of 4264 feet, in the hill range of Nasik Trimbakeshwar. Anjaneri is situated 20 km far from Nasik by Trimbak Road. The fort of Anjaneri, that is the birthplace of lord ‘Hanuman’, is of excellent ancient significance and where you could discover Anjani Mata temple. The Anjaneri mountain hills are blessed with numerous natural beauty & environment. The Anjaneri fort trek route is exciting which passes through dense bushes, caves, lakes as well as cascading waterfalls.
    Anjaneri Parvat Ancient Significance
    Lord Hanuman was the child of the Vanara Prince Maharaj Keshari and Anjani mata, therefore, the fort is known as Anjaneri. He is also called as the child of Pavan Dev The god of wind as he gave Lord Shiva’s Prasad to Anjani Devi, and after which Lord Hanuman was born. The Anjaneri Parvat has got its name from the mother of Hanuman Anjani Mata. The complete childhood of Lord Hanuman was spent on this hill.
    One hundred and eight Jain caves are available here which belongs to 12th century. The area around Anjaneri was once controlled for a brief period of time by Veersen Ahir as well as Anjaneri was his capital. In the recent analysis, scientists have discovered a rare plant Anjanerika soparia in this Hill. As per researchers, this plant is available only in this mountain.
    Fascinating Things to see Anjaneri Hills
    Seeta Caves are popular interest part from the fort. The walls of the caves are inscribed with attractive designs. A temple in the belief of goddess Anjani exists on the hill. Greater than 10,000 pilgrims visit this place in the auspicious day of Hanuman Jayanti. It attracts vast followers also on Tuesdays and Saturdays.
    You will find total 108 caves designed around the hill of Anjaneri. It is really believed that all these caves were developed by Jain monks in the history. They show exciting historic art via their architecture & designs. You can observe a fabulous view of Vaitarna dam backwaters, Brahmagiri Mountains and Trimbakeshwar Range from the top of the Anjaneri.
  3. Dhodap Fort Trek
    Dhodap Fort is the 2nd Largest Fort in Maharashtra after Salher Fort as well as Dhodap mountain is the third largest mountain peak in Maharashtra. Dhodap mountain ranks as the 29th largest peak in Western Ghats.
    Dressed stone, as well as brickwork mixture, was utilized to made Dhodap Fort. Two sides of the forts have powerful bastion. Dhodap has a pointed cliff known as Shembi cliff. Things to observe gorgeous entry door, Ikhara cliff on the eastern side of Dhodap is perfect for rock climbers. Dhodap Fort has a lot of caves as well as the temple of Lord Hanuman, Lord Shiva and Lord Ganesha. Getting to top of Dhodap includes climbing rock cut stone steps. You can observe Rawla – Jawla Fort on the west face as well as Ikhara Peak on the east face.
  4. Vishramgad Patta Fort
    Vishramgad also called as Pattya Fort or Patta Fort it became popular after Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj rested with his military at Vishramgad. Later on Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj renamed the fort to Vishramgad.
    Vishramgad is situated in the direction of the eastern side of Kalsubai Peak range together with other forts such as Aundh, Bitangad. Base village Patte wadi is a tiny village with 30 – 35 homes. Ancient canon may be seen at the base village of Pattewadi. we will be discovering Vishramgad fort as well as visiting Ambarkhana, Darukhana a storage place for arms as well as other war tools, Buruj on the north side. Tatbandi on the south side, Pattai Devi temple, Trymbak Darwaja. There are numerous windmills in the direction of Pattewadi
    Patta Fort is a simple grade climb. There is certainly a Rajwada close to the site of the fort, however has fallen into disarray as well as ruin throughout the years. Patta Fort has a shrine of Shri Laxmangiri Maharaj in the caves close to the village of Pattawadi. On the day of full moon, Poornima the disciples of Laxmangiri Maharaj accumulate at these caves. The jungle department through the help of villages has developed the pathways, steps and gazebo on the fort.
  5. Tringalwadi Fort Trek
    Tringalwadi Fort is situated in the Igatpuri taluka of Nashik district. This is situated on the ancient trade way that passes from Thal ghat. The fort is situated close to village Tringalwadi. The Tringalwadi irrigation dam that is next to the village was constructed in 1978.
    How to reach Tringalwadi Fort
    The village Tringalwadi has situated 7 km from Igatpuri. Igatpuri is situated on Mumbai Nashik Railway route as well as National Highway NH 160. The two main ways to reach the village Tringalwadi from Igatpuri very first one journeys through Igatpuri town, as well as the other, is taking a northern exit to NH160 at Ghoti, more which pass from village Balayaduri. The Tringalwadi fort is situated on a mountain which operates north-south. This is a mesa rock formation. The climb is quite very easy as well as will take around 60 minutes to get to the top of the fort from the village.
    The existence of the caves show that the caves, as well as the fort, may be built around the 10th century. The fort was made to overlook the trade route which linked Konkan to Nashik area.
    Places to see at Tringalwadi Fort
    At the foothills of the fort is a cave known as Pandav Leni with wonderfully designed entrance along with a stone idol of Rishabhanatha in the Garbha Gruha. The cave has a big Sabha Mandapa. the western entry to the fort is a distinct structure of architecture. The steps, as well as the entry gate, is designed from just one rock. There is also an idol of veer Hanuman or Maruti close to the entry gate as well as two Sharabha idols designed in the top of the entry gate. On the fort are ruins of old buildings along with a small Bhavani Mata temple.There is a cave as well as a rock cut water cistern on the western side of the hillock on the fort.
  6. Trek to Salher Salota Mulher Mora Hargad
    The Largest forts in Maharashtra, Salher stands right next to Salota Fort in Selbari Mountain Range in Baglan region, Nasik district of Maharashtra at the height of 5141 ft approx. Mulher-Mora as well as Hargad fort is at the Dolbar Hill Range. The fiercest as well as the biggest open battle between Mughals as well as Marathas was battled here in 1671 as well as won by Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj.
  7. Anjaneri Fort Trek
    Anjaneri fort is said to be the birthplace of God Hanuman. God Hanuman’s mother name was Anjani, therefore fort known as Anjaneri. It is the only place in the entire world that you can discover the temple of Anjani Mata. Anjaneri village is at a walking distance of 10 to 15 minutes from Anjaneri Phata. Two pinnacles known as ‘Navara’ as well as ‘Navari’ may be seen from Anjaneri village.
    Anjaneri Fort Trek Information
    Anjaneri Fort trek difficulty level medium
    Anjaneri Fort trek endurance level medium
    Base village for Anjaneri fort Anjaneri
    Anjaneri fort height 4264 feet
    The time required to climb Anjaneri fort 3 hours one way
    Region: Trimbakeshwar
    Anjaneri Trek Cost Rs. 1100 per person
  8. Harihar Fort Trek
    Harihar fort seems to be rectangular in shape from the base village. It is really constructed on a triangular prism of rock. The three faces, as well as two edges, are definitely vertical 90 degrees. The third edge in the direction of the west is inclined at a direction of 75 degrees. A one-meter broad rocky staircase with niches inside it is carved out for ascending & descending the fort.
    You will find 117 steps in all. When you climb the first rocky staircase main entry we walk through below an overhang with a sheer drop. Again you have to climb a set of high stairways with niches, and then go through a staircase inside the rock such as Peth Fort – Kothaligad Fort then get to the top of the fort. The view from the top is great. After climbing these steps, we stand up to the entry door. The fort includes a tapering plateau with an increased level in the centre. There is also a tiny temple of Lord Hanuman as well as Lord Shiva on the plateau. A tiny pond will there be ahead of this temple. Water from this pond may be used for drinking.
    Creating headway from here we find a palace having two rooms inside it. 10 to 12 persons may be provided on this palace. Among the vertical drops of the fort facing the Nirgudpada village is known as ‘Scottish kada’, maybe since it was climbed for the very first time in November 1986 by Doug Scott, the legendary Himalayan mountaineer & took him two days to do the climb. This cliff is around 170 meters in height.

Find Best Trekking tours in nashik.

Best Trekking Tours in Nashik

Best Trekking Tours in Nashik


Trekking is a thrilling activity which boosts you with lots of positive energy. For everybody who is an adventure lover then you will definitely look ahead to start with the best trekking tours in Nashik.Trekking through the peaceful as well as attractive Sahyadri hill range that is situated in Maharashtra as well as discovering its historic forts and ravines and valleys with your family and friends is a mind-blowing experience. Trek to Kalsubai that is the largest peak( 1646m or 5400Feets) and capture stunning glimpses of beautiful vistas on this hilly terrain. You will find sturdy steel railings, ladders, and chains to make your trekking experience relaxed. One more exciting trek that is bound to enthrall your soul is to the historic Harihargad Fort. The awesome magical expanse of greenery surrounds the prism-shaped fort. The walk by the pond which lays in front of the historic Hanuman as well as Shiva shrines transfers you to a magical zone of serenity as well as peace. The wonderful views of the breathtaking Sandhan valley, the fresh pollution free air as well as lavish forests awaits when you get prepared for an incredible Sandhan valley trekking and camping in Igatpuri. Sandhan Valley Trek provides an outstanding experience in which you may enjoy various adventure activities like rappelling.

Merely be very well equipped and take your convenient walking shoes, cap, along with a water bottle, haversack as well as sunscreen lotion that will protect from rays of hill sun. When you reach the charming village known as Samrad you may trek along among the best canyons in the Sahyadri hill ranges which make a wonderful descent towards the fascinating Sandhan valley.The amazing beauty of this deep narrow rock floored ravine lying between the two towering walls of hill range may be perfectly explored in this trekking adventure. You may also choose to Trek through the craggy and uneven trails of Harihar Fort as you may walk across the meandering streams as well as discover the alpine wonder of this region. The adventure of seeing snow leopards in their natural habitat is simply possible in the snowy forests of Ladakh. You may take on a trekking trip to Hemis National Park starting from Leh as well as visit a few of the historic monasteries. An incredibly rewarding as well as an unforgettable experience awaits you while you start on Perfect Trekking Tours in Nashik.

  1. Sandhan Valley Trek, Igatpuri With Rapelling Flat 49% Off
    Experience the true quintessence of adventure with a Sandhan valley trekking as well as camping experience in Igatpuri with your family and friends! Sandhan Valley Trek is a distinctive experience mixing adventure activities like rappelling, trekking a lot of different adventure events! Sandhan is situated close to Bhandardara region village known as Samrad which is a deep narrow rock floored ravine between the two high walls of hill range. Sandhan valley is among the best canyons in the Sahyadri mountain ranges. You will definitely get to make a descent in the direction of the Sandhan valley that makes for an unforgettable outing as well as overnight stay under the shining sky, along the reservoir side! Discover historic temples from the 7th century, the Peshwa temples, along with the natural gorge known as Sandan!
    How to reach?

Kindly board the Kasara Local according to the below mentioned timings and get in with your Respective Stations:-

Catch Kasara Semi-Fast Local – Slow from Mulund.

10:50 PM – KASARA Semi fast Local from CST) – Catch Second Compartment towards Kasara to get together,

  • CST :- 10:50 PM
  • Byculla :- 10:57 PM.
  • Dadar :- 11:05 PM
  • Kurla :- 11:13 PM
  • Ghatkopar :- 11:18 PM
  • Mulund:- 11:30 PM
  • Thane:- 11:34 PM
  • Dombivali :- 11:54 PM
  • Kalyan:- 00:07 AM
  • Kasara:- 01:18 AM

  1. Overnight Trek To Ratangad Fort
    Reaching point – Dadar( E) at 2300 hrs on Friday
    Start this thrilling overnight trek to the Ratangarh fort as well as witness the mesmerizing beauty of this region.
    your tour after reaching your locality as well as get prepared for the trek.
    Trek to the popular Amruteshwar Temple at Ratanwadi as well as enjoy its lovely architecture.
    Discover the caves as well as the forts on top of the hill and spend thie night camping in the cave.
    Observe the water cisterns that are full of water the best thing for the trekkers.
    Experience the view of the Rani Mahal along with the Katrabai as well as Ajoba fort very close on the southern side.
    Go through the dense forest with this trail as well as really feel the joy when trekking in the strong winds.
    Hike to the Khutta Pinnacle through Trimbak Darwaja and where your trek ends.
    End this enjoyable trek with plenty of memories.
  2. Sunrise Trek To Kalsubai
    TO BOOK, CALL ON 9694562464!
    Fixed Departure on every Saturday Night
    Kalsubai with the height of 1646m 5400Feets is well known into one of the largest peaks in Maharashtra. Kalsubai is situated in the Sahyadri hill range. This being the largest peak, it commands a good looking view. As Kalsubai is incredibly popular, effort has also been built to make this trek very easy. You will find steel railings, chains as well as ladders at places in which it is hard to climb.
    At a height of 5200 feet one would trek to and see a perfect nature seamlessly, however the ascents are an impressive medium level challenge, there are also railings as well as stone steps to get to the top.
    This is two-day trekking as well as camping trip starting from Mumbai or Pune when you meet your guide and fellow team members in the early morning at 0: 15 AM as well as reach to Kasara from exactly where the public transport would be useful to reach Bari Village.
    Head to Bari Village that is the base of the trek and the next morning, you will also begin walking for 1 hour and 30 minutes to climb the slopes as well as get to the top most part exactly where a red-walled temple is located.
    Come back by late night to Mumbai or Pune after the thrilling trip.
    The package involves food, hotel as well as transportation throughout the entire trip.
  3. One Day Trek To Harihargad Fort In Nashik(From Mumbai)
    Fixed Departure : 12 Aug 2017, 24 Aug 2017, 15 Sep 2017, 22 Dec 2017
    Situated 3500 feet above sea level, the trek to Harihargad Fort will take you from the magical expanse of nature.
    The prism-shaped fort enchants initially sight, as well as homes a pond ahead of the Hanuman as well as Shiva shrines.
    Sheer design of the famous rock-cut steps attracts interested people, as well as the luxuriant, however steep steps, scintillate when climbing up!
    Begin your journey on Saturday Night by getting picked up from Pritam Hotel situated in East Dadar at approximately 11.30 PM and Nitin Company Junction at around 12 midnight as well as carry on your overnight journey to Harihargad Fort in Nashik.
    After getting to the base camp in the morning time, enjoy your tasty morning meal and begin your trek to Harhargad Fort.
    Reach the fort in the mid-day and discover the amazing history as well as architectural beauty, and after that an excellent lunch.
    Descend back to the base camp as well as experience your evening snacks in route.
    Reach the base camp as well as begin your journey back in Mumbai, arriving at the city at around 10 PM based on the traffic.
  4. Ratangad Fort Trek In Igatpuri
    Situated between the amazing forest of Western Ghat, Ratangad Fort is among the most wonderful architectures to observe in the region as well as the easiest way to get to the fort is through trekking through the jungle trails.
    Ratangad Ratan means Jewel in Hindi. This mountain fort is really a jewel for all the mountain forts here in Sahyadri. This is situated in the district of Ahmednagar it is situated around 4255 feet above sea level. It lies in the Ajoba hill range surrounded by excellent hills of Kulang, Alang, Kalsubai, Katrabai, Ajoba, and Ghanchakkar. Geographically Ratangad is at the banks of Bhandardara lake of Ahmednagar district. With views of the lake as well as highest hills in Sahyadris seems too much lost in time
    Ratangad has yet the remains of the fort with bastions as well as stone walls. Cave at the top is cut from the rock face that can conveniently accommodate 25 people at a time. Water cisterns are generally full of water all through the year and trekkers utilize them as a water source.
    Meeting Point : Pritam Hotel Dadar East at 11 :00 PM
    Pickup Point : Nitin Company Junction, Thane at 11 :40 PM
  5. Alang Madan Kulang Trekking Adventure
    Alang, Madan Kulang trekking trip is a unique one since it needs high energy which is intended for those people who are looking for adventure in its real sense.
    Meet your man trekkers at Fergusson College, Pune and start your journey to this truly untamed summits in the district of Nashik. Alang is at a height of 1479 meters, Madan is at 1466 meters as well as Kulang is at 4822 feet.
    It is a 3-day trek trip from which you might get to wonder with the sights of age-old forts as well as only hills around.
    Together with trek, remain inside a cave will be ample to make your heart get to a greater level. Rappelling on a 70 feet rock patch will be an additional feature.
    The package comes with food, accommodation as well as transportation from Pune to the site and return.
  6. Trek To Alang, Madan, And Kulang
    The Alang, as well as Madan trek, is among the most difficult treks in the Mumbai region however is similarly rewarding due to the views it provides.
    Climbing to a height of 4852 ft, Alang Fort is at the Nashik region it is summited by a huge plateau. Also, it has caves as well as cisterns at the top.
    Madan Fort lies raised at a height of 4.841 ft it is one of the most challenging forts in the Sahyadris. The view from the top is especially picturesque.
    The trek lasts for three days as well as starts at the village of Ambewadi.
    The first day you are summiting the Alang Fort, on the second the Madan Fort as well as on the third the Kulang Fort.
  7. Trek To The Highest Peak Of Maharashtra In Kalsubai
    Undertake this exciting trip to among the largest peaks of Maharashtra in Kalsubai, as well as love an adventurous weekend!
    Prepared your gear, and go to the base village at around 11.45 PM, arriving at early on next morning for the Kalsubai Trek.
    The breathtaking sights from atop the summit are an exquisite experience, and following the descent back into the base camp, tasty lunch is offered.
    Depart for Pune after a day of fun as well as adventure on the Kalsubai trek.
  8. Monsoon One Day Harihar Fort Trek
    Start with the enjoyment as well as the excitement of Harihar fort trek experience with an incredible ride from Deccan! Observe the lush greenery accompanying you all through your trip.
    Trek via the rugged as well as bumpy trails of Harihar Fort, cross the streams on way. Mesmerize in the alpine attractiveness of this region.
    Harihar trek at first follows a zigzag trail which passes by way of gorgeous thickets.
    But the trek to the fort is a rock-cut stepped trail which needs tiny warning when a few of the steps are raised in complicated 90 degree.
    Prepare to pass wonderful fields on the plateau, difficult bushes, streams as well as many other natural wonders through Harihar fort trek!
  9. Trek To Salher Salota Mulher Mora Hargad
    Salhar Fort is the largest forts in Maharashtra that stand right next to Salota fort in Selbari hill range in Baglan region. Crowned at a rising height of 5141ft, it is one enjoyable trek that gives you with the breathtaking views of those picturesque forts. Enthrall on this gleeful trek which gives you with attractive beauty of the regions as well as era old forts which have lost their attraction in the present modern scenario.
    A great chance for backpackers as well as those who love appreciating the rich ancient traditions India – trek via thin pathways as well as love the open breathtaking views of the surrounding hill ranges.
    Enjoy the awe-inspiring beauty of the Mulher –Mora and Hargad fort situated in the Dolbar hill range, resolve the history of those beautiful forts that once observed the fiercest biggest open battle between Mughals and Marathas Love this awesome trip that gives you with complete views of historic forts. Make a few fantastic memories during this enjoyable trek to Salher-Salota-Mulher-Mora-Hargad.
  10. Trek To Alang And Madan Peaks
    Alang, Madan as well as Kulang are a trio of peaks which are organized in the Nashik region of Maharashtra.
    The Alang Fort increases to 4,852 feet it is topped by a large plateau. You will find caves and 11 water cisterns on the fort.
    The Madangad tower is at 4841 feet so it is difficult however rewarding trek because it provides stunning views from the summit.
    The overnight trek provides chances to observe nature at its eerie best.
  11. Trek To Alang, Madan And Kulang In Nashik
    This amazing trek to the forts of Alang, Madan and Kulang are one of the most tricky in the Sahyadris.
    Treading via the excellent Alang Fort, the caves as well as 11 cascading water cisterns are a photographer’s haven, when Madangad is small, it is more difficult as well as provides picturesque views from atop.
    Increase the difficulty level a notch larger at Kulang Fort, to make your way via rock cut steps to wonderful views of the 3 pinnacles in Mahuli.
    Trekking overnight provides great chances for a few night photography, even while you see protection in caves for the night.
    A great mixture of adventure, lush scenery, and photography make this an unmissable trek, far from the bustling city.
  12. Monsoon Trek To Kulang Fort
    Get to the Kurungwadi hamlet at around 06.00 AM for a filling morning meal, as well as start with this fascinating trek after a briefing by the instructors.
    Hike via the luxurious surroundings, overcome the bumpy terrains as well as observe all the bounties of nature in this 5-hour trek.
    Discover the ancient Kulang Fort, and explore the superb ruins!
    Lunch is soon offered, and following the return trek back, depart as well as get to Dadar by around 11.30 PM.

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Places To Visit In Monsoon In Maharashtra

18 Absolutely Breathtaking Places To Visit In Monsoon In Maharashtra


Blessed are the ones who enjoy the very best of nature, sip in the moist wind ladened with earthy aroma, when tapping their feet to the rhythm of raindrops; when losing on their own in the wild !
When the Western Ghats is on your bucket list for the coming rainy season, so We have ideas of some first-class places to visit in monsoon in Maharashtra. All these places count on their historic castles, sprawling greenery, and unexplored trails among others to make to amazing weekend getaways from several cities of the state. Monsoon is the better time for you to explore your surroundings because this is the time when getup of nature will make every place much more wonderful.
Maharashtra is the heart of the Western Ghats; the breeding ground of the finest of Sahyadris is definitely another world completely. Begin preparing your monsoon calendar well in advance !

5 most popular places to visit in Monsoon in Maharashtra

  1. Bhimashankar, Pune — Sweet spot of Sahyadri
    The ghat region of the Sahyadri Mountain hills wears the prettiest shade of green with the onset of monsoon. The remarkable biodiversity of Bhimashankar is definitely a delightful sight. Discover the place with your family members or friends as a few beautiful adventures await you in the middle of huge valleys.
    Sahyadri Wildlife Sanctuary as well as Jyotirlinga Temple are one of the most famous places to visit in Maharashtra while in monsoon. It really is this time when the abundant flora as well as fauna of the sanctuary will come alive and rare animal breeds may be spotted. When you are in or around Pune while in monsoon, be sure you don’t miss out on this place.
    Distance & time has taken from Mumbai to Bhimashankar: 220 km and 5h
    Distance & time has taken from Pune to Bhimashankar: 110 km and 3h
    Connection from other regions of Maharashtra: Bhimashankar may be very easily reached by road from places across Maharashtra, the closest railway station being Shivaji Nagar in Pune is far away of 127 km.
  2. Bhandardara, Ahmednagar — Camping on your mind?
    A perfect weekend getaway from Mumbai as well as Pune, Bhandardara is an offbeat hill-station in the Western Ghats decked with waterfalls, lakes, as well as sprawling greenery. A suggested pit stop when you are going to Shirdi, Bhandardara is among the famous places to visit in monsoon in Maharashtra. The rains add to the perfect attractiveness of this place whiles nature sways at its glorious better.
    At 2000 m plus altitude, Bhandardara is great for preparing a camping session with your gang. The place has beautiful campsites also !
    Distance & time has taken to travelfrom Mumbai to Bhandardara: 164 km and 3.5h
    ? Distance & time has taken to travel from Pune to Bhandardara: 172 km and 4.5h
    Connectivity from other regions of Maharashtra: Nashik is the closest railhead from a distance of 70 km from Bhandardara.
  3. Malshej Ghat, Thane-Pune — The view from the top!
    Malshej is yet another fascination in the Ghats which make it to the top 10 places to visit in Maharashtra in monsoon. Mainly famous for charming trails, and orchards of mulberries that grow at their better while in monsoon, Malshej Ghats were the place for adventure seekers. Ajoba Mountain Fort — a well-known place for adventurers, Darkoba Peak, Jivdhan Chawand Fort, and Nane Ghat is famous trails that provide tourists plenty to explore.
    Harishchandragad Fort Trek at 1400 m is a supreme experience just where the 6th-century fort will make a thrilling spectacle for travelers. 40 km from Malshej, Shivneri Fort is a must-visit destination. The place is actually the birthplace of Chhatrapati Shivaji.
    Distance as well as time has taken to travel from Mumbai to Malshej Ghat: 127 km and 3h 10 m
    Distance as well as time has taken to travel from Pune to Malshej Ghat: 120 km and 3h
    Connectivity from other regions of Maharashtra: Linked with different famous cities in Maharashtra, you may also plan to visit Malshej Ghat by rail. Kalyan Railway Station is nearly 85 km from Malshej.
  4. Matheran, Raigad — Of nature and horses!
    Matheran is synonymous with ideas as well as views ! Monsoon simply increases the glamor quotient of the heart of Raigad that is still among the prime attractions of places to visit in monsoon in Maharashtra. Matheran — touted as the tiniest hill station offers a beautiful vista, and outstanding photography choices.
    Louisa Point, Panorama Point, Monkey Point, Porcupine Point, Echo Point, and Prabal Fort are prerequisites of the places that display true colors of nature with the onset of monsoon. Don’t trust me? Prepare as trip as well as see the attractiveness !
    Distance & time taken to travel from Mumbai to Matheran: 80 km and 2h
    Distance & time taken to travel from Pune to Matheran: 125 km and 2.5h
    Connectivity from other regions of Maharashtra: Neral Junction is the nearest you may get to Matheran by train. From the junction, a toy train runs up to Matheran, which will cover nearly 21 km in 2 hours time.
  5. Alibag, Raigad — The coastal charm of Raigad\
    With plenty of rejuvenating architecture, perfect beaches, as well as picturesque beauty in the offering, Alibag is counted among the best places to visit close to Mumbai in monsoon. Kulaba Fort, Undheri Fort, and Murud-Janjira Fort are really known for complex architecture; as Nagaon Beach, Alibaug Beach, and Varsoli Beach are the virgin coastal beauties recognized by their compelling sunsets. The excellent beaches of Alibag bring a great number of visitors each year.
    Monsoons are most awaited in the region due to the fact that beaches in Alibaug experience a total makeover and look straight out of a picture postcard. Turquoise waters, and lush greenery make it a much more desirable place to visit in Maharashtra.
    Distance & time taken to travel from Mumbai to Alibag: 98 km and 2h 42 m
    Distance & time taken to travel from Pune to Alibag: 141 km and 3h 11 m
    Connectivity from other regions of Maharashtra: Pen Railway Station is the closest railhead to Alibag situated 30 km far away from the place. You may also obtain a direct train to Mumbai Central from there.

13 lesser explored places to visit in monsoon in Maharashtra

  1. Karnala, Raigad — The looming fort over the rainforest
    Karnala Fort is one among the most ancient left buildings that juts over the rainforest area over 450 m above the ground. A trek up to the fort on a gloomy day is an experience which is among its kind when a bird’s eye view of the Mumbai coastline as well as Sahyadri Range in front make it a surreal sight. The mosses surrounding the fort and mystic surroundings around the fort absolutely looks charming and every moment spent beholding the surreal sight creates an unforgettable one.
    Karnala Bird Sanctuary is the home of 150 plus birds as well as it’s an enjoyment watching all of them in their habitat specially while in monsoon when the birds are out celebrating the rains.
    Distance & time taken to travel from Mumbai to Karnala: 50 km and 1h 17 m
    Distance & time taken to travel from Pune to Karnala: 121 km and 2h 11 m
    Connectivity from other regions of Maharashtra: Panvel is the closest railhead which may be conveniently reached from Mumbai Central and VT. There on a private vehicle may easily take people to Karnala.
  2. Kolad, Raigad — The best of picture-perfect Maharashtra
    Are you searching ahead to making your monsoon trip fun as well as adventurous? Then, Kolad the best place for you ! The lovely weekend destination in Maharashtra is filled with sprawling campsites, picture-perfect homestays and enough of activities for adventure lovers.
    Whitewater rafting is among the most famous activity that you may take in the waters of Kolad during monsoon. Trekking, zip lining, and canoeing are some other daring activities that adventurers mainly prefer. Many of the most outstanding attractions close to Kolad are Kuda caves, Tamhini falls and Bhira dam.
    Distance & time taken to travel from Mumbai to Kolad: 122 km and 2h 22 m
    Distance & time taken to travel from Pune to Kolad: 144 km and 2h 46 m
    Connectivity from other regions of Maharashtra: Kolad Railway Station is the closest railhead to Kolad which is easy to visit by road from Mumbai and Pune.
  3. Harihareshwar, Raigad — Vitamin sea in the monsoon?
    Famously called as the Home of God, Harihareshwar is a fantastic beach heaven in the west coast region and lives up to its name of famous places to visit in Maharashtra during monsoon. Surrounded by the mountain hills named after lord Harihareshwar, Brahmadri, Pushpadri, and Harshinachal, the well-known beach tourist destination is believed to own the magical healing powers by the local people living there.
    The place is mainly thronged by guests at monsoon because surroundings are bright as well as wonderful as ever as well as the hills close by display scenic vistas.
    Distance & time taken to travel from Mumbai to Harihareshwar: 200 km and 4h 16 m
    Distance & time taken to travel from Pune to Harihareshwar: 170 km and 4h 20 m
    Connectivity from other regions of Maharashtra: Mangaon Railway Station is the closest railhead to Harihareshwar situated 59 km from the main town.
  4. Shrivardhan, Raigad — Tall, dark, and awesome!
    Blessed with impressive structures as well as attractive beach destinations, Shrivardhan is the place to be within monsoon if is shown the best smile. With all the white sand beaches, colossal sky, and unspoiled environs that still stay to be totally explored, Shrivardhan is definitely the very best places to visit in monsoon in Maharashtra.
    Laxminarayan Temple, lovely beaches, Peshwa Memorial, and famous destinations such as Diveagar, Kandivali and Harihareshwar needs to be visited while you are around Shrivardhan.
    Distance & time taken to travel from Mumbai to Shrivardhan: 187 km and 4h
    Distance & time taken to travel from Pune to Shrivardhan: 157 km and 4h 10 m
    Connectivity from other regions of Maharashtra: At 374 km, Sawantwadi is the closest railway station to Shrivardhan, that is an 8-hour ride through NH66.
  5. Lohagad, Pune — Fort that towers above the rest
    For a towering fort as rustic since this, Lohagad keeps the legacy of being among the most famous as well as popular structures in the southern Indian region. The name translates to the fort of iron is a well-known structure due to the fact that this has been an important fort for dynasties over the centuries, from the Satavahanas to Mughals to Marathas.
    Monsoon casts its magical spell in this place, but not just the fort area, but places in its locality such as Pavna dam, Lonavla, Kamshet, Khandala, and Karjat are thrilling getaways around Lohagad. A visit to this place in monsoon is a great negotiate for your amazing weekend.
    Distance & time taken to travel from Mumbai to Lohagad: 99 km and 2h
    Distance & time taken to travel from Pune to Lohagad: 62 km and 1h 34 m
    Connectivity from other regions of Maharashtra: 16 km from Lohagad, Lonavla is the closest railway station, that is easy to visit from Mumbai as well as other major cities nearby.
  6. Igatpuri, Nashik — Place to enjoy rain at its best
    A famous tourist place in Maharashtra to visit in monsoon, Igatpuri comes alive in the rainy season with lots of waterfall starting around. Bhatsa River Valley and along the similar course, Camel Valley are two places that stand out in Igatpuri. The spellbinding sight of five waterfalls in the Camel Valley with a gushing water cascading one below the various other will make it a wonderful spectacle in the month of monsoon. Nature’s superb spectacle awaits you !
    Distance & time taken to travel from Mumbai to Igatpuri: 120 km and 2h 10 m
    Distance & time taken to travel from Pune to Igatpuri: 238 km and 4h 38 m
    Connectivity from other regions of Maharashtra: Igatpuri Railway Station is the closest railhead allowing people simple access to it.
  7. Kalsubai, Nashik — The highest in Maharashtra
    A famous trekking destination in the southern, Kalsubai is a famous weekend getaway close to Mumbai while in monsoon because of the thrilling trails that vanish into the mist. Mt. Kalsubai, at 1646 m is the largest peak in Maharashtra and definitely a fantastic place to stay in Maharashtra. Wake up to the soft music of nature as well as tranquilize yourself with the tranquilizing surroundings set upon the Sahyadri Hill Range, Kalsubai is all fresh and purred in the rainy season.
    Make it definitely sure that you just visit Kalsubai Harishchandragad Wildlife Sanctuary and Kalsubai Temple when you are around. The famous trekking route leading to the summit will start from Bari village situated at a distance of 10 km from Bhandardara, that you reach through Igatpuri on a trip by Mumbai-Nashik road.
    Distance & time taken to travel from Mumbai to Kalsubai: 152 km and 2h 52 m
    Distance & time taken to travel from Pune to Kalsubai: 178 km and 5h
    Connectivity from other regions of Maharashtra: Kasara Railway Station is the closest readhead to Bari village.
  8. Durshet, Khopoli — Weekend getaway with a lot to explore
    Think about the perfect places to visit in monsoon in Maharashtra as well as Durshet is among the very first some places to arrive at your brain quickly. With all the famous attractions, hot springs, beautiful vistas, beginner level treks, night safaris, and rustic forts, Durshet cuts the photo of a must-visit attract in the Western Ghats.
    A vacation in a jungle lodge, or a tranquilizing nature walk, account for real experiences which make the highlight of your visit to Durshet. Monsoon is the time when the rustic forts look (gorgeous) than ever therefore you have so much fun activities to select from. Live the nature, the absolute best of it.
    Distance & time taken to travel from Mumbai to Durshet: 76 km and 1.5 h.
    Distance & time taken to travel from Pune to Durshet: 99 km and 1h 47 m
    Connectivity from other regions of Maharashtra: Khandala from a distance of 30 km is the closest railhead to Durshet.
  9. Amboli, Sindhudurg — Unexplored highlands near Goa!
    Similar to the abode of gods, Amboli highlands close to Goa is a wonder along with a tranquilizing retreat for the people searching for a supreme weekend getaway from Mumbai. The refreshing climate as well as misty surroundings of the Sahyadri Mountain hills conjure magic in the air of Amboli, the place that will get even lovely with the rains.
    Large waterfalls open up into the huge forest of the Ghats, then the eternal sunrise view from the cliff top is the real treatment for a restless soul. Moti Talao, Terekhol Fort, Sagareshwar Beach, and Sindhudurg Fort a few of the places of interest closes by.
    Distance & time taken to travel from Mumbai to Amboli: 12 km and 30 m
    Distance & time taken to travel from Pune to Amboli: 160 km and 3.5h
    Connectivity from other regions of Maharashtra: Sawantwadi Road is the closest railhead to Amboli from a distance of 30 km.
  10. Panchgani, Satara — Five hills into the loveliness of nature
    If the name recommends, Panchgani is the place of five mountain hills — among the best attractions of the famous place in Satara district. The city with the thrilling opinions, temples, lakes, as well as beautiful water bodies gets better with the onset of monsoon, which may be seen in the beautiful stunning views around.
    Places such as Mount Malcolm, Mahabaleshwar Temple, Panchganga Mandir, Wilson Point, Sydney Point, Table Land, Venna Lake, Lingmala Falls, Dhom Dam as well as Bombay Point are the places that need to be on your bucket list when you are making a trip to Panchgani.
    Distance & time taken to travel from Mumbai to Panchgani: 244 km and 4.5h
    Distance & time taken to travel from Pune to Panchgani: 101 km and 2h 17 m
    Connectivity from other regions of Maharashtra: Satara is the closest railhead to Panchgani. Also, Pune has a much better connectivity with the Panchgani by road.
  11. Thoseghar Waterfalls, Konkan — The best of the Ghats of Western India.
    Thoseghar Waterfalls, situated in the immensity of the Ghats is great for a nature tours so it is among the best places to visit in monsoon in Maharashtra. The nature views here specially in monsoon are amazing and makes for a treat to the nature enthusiasts. The waterfalls make among the most thrilling places to visit in monsoon it is a prized jewel of the Konkan.
    Distance & time taken to travel from Mumbai to Thoseghar Waterfalls: 276 km and 5h
    Distance & time taken to travel from Pune to Thoseghar Waterfalls: 133 km and 3h
    Connectivity from other regions of Maharashtra: The waterfalls available from Satara by road
  12. Mulshi Dam, Pune — Nature’s serenity at its best.
    Absolutely nothing looks as wonderful as Mulshi Dam if you are searching for top monsoon places around. Fed on the huge nature trails as well as green surroundings, this place plays the role of the beautiful escape from Pune. Just a few hours travel from Pune takes you to Mulshi Dam which turns into much more panoramic in the monsoon season. Picnicking, trekking, and bird-watching are one of the most famous activities here.
    Distance & time taken to travel from Mumbai to Mulshi Dam: 165 km and 3h 40 m
    Distance & time taken to travel from Pune to Mulshi Dam: 40 km and 1h 24 m
    Connectivity from other regions of Maharashtra: The dam may also be reached from various other leading cities in Maharashtra by road.
  13. Tapola, Mahabaleshwar — Presenting the Mini Kashmir in Western India
    Situated in Mahabaleshwar region, Tapola is the best monsoon getaway from Mumbai and Pune. Mahabaleshwar is the best nature pleasure for all the outdoor searcher as well as Tapola is a place in which nature’s untarnished beauty may be seen thriving at the best. Although mornings are pleasantly relaxed as well as bright, evenings are beautiful as well as enchanting. Densely wooded hills are really charming making best company for nature viewing.
    Distance & time taken to travel from Mumbai to Tapola: 227 km and 5.5h. Distance & time taken to travel from Pune to Tapola: 134 km and 3h 18 m

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Resorts In Nashik

10 Resorts In Nashik For A Vacation Amid Lush Vineyards!


Lush green vineyards, a peaceful lake, backwaters, and attractive mountain hills await you at Nashik. This picture-perfect destination allows you to re-invigorate your mind as well as soul amid nature. It really is heaven for nature enthusiasts, adventure freaks, honeymoon couples as well as single travelers. And the resorts in Nashik are both beautiful and apt for every single kind of traveler. If you wish to spend your weekend or mini-vacation enjoyable in a swimming pool while sampling homegrown wine or walking from the thick vineyards, you should check out these resorts that fit any budget.

Perfect luxurious resorts in Nashik under 10k

From helping you to relax in the lap of nature to allowing you to absorb in supreme luxury, all these 10 resorts will provide you a stay such as nothing other. Have a look!

  1. Beyond By Sula — Pamper your mind and soul in the nature’s lap.
    If you want to relax your feelings and treat your soul with rejuvenating views of vineyards as well as rolling mountains of Gangapur, Beyond By Sula is the best place to spend very much awaited holiday. It is among the best Nashik luxury resorts, which shows elegance, style as well as luxury. The lake views hotel rooms are good and creative however if you are with your better half, book the lavish sky villa. The romantic aura of the property will make it the very best resorts in Nashik for couples. The resort has a walking deck the place you can enjoy a photogenic sunset with their much love while relishing fresh wine.
  2. Grape County Eco Resorts — Where elegance is in the air.
    Immerse yourself in supreme tranquility as well as luxurious while you stay at Grape County. Spreading over 120 acres as well as overlooking the attractive valley, it really is one of the poshest resorts in Nashik. The view of lush green vineyard as well as valleys from the eco cottages and villas is a peaceful visual treat; along with the special wine and dine experience at the in-house kitchen is a joy for everyone.
  3. The Source at Sula — Relax, unwind and rejuvenate.
    The Source at Sula is a lush Nashik vineyard resort famous for its style, tranquility as well as top-class facilities. It really is blessed with matchless view of the luxurious vineyards as well as Gangapur lake The property gives calming environment far from the mess and chaos of the urban city. Situated inside Sula vineyard, you can go on hikes, cycle through the estate, taste natural food as well as indulge themselves at Vinoy Spa.
  4. V Resorts Soma Vine Village — Perfect abode for nature lovers.
    Another one among all the best Nashik luxurious resorts, V Resorts Soma Vine Village is a perfect spot to spend good quality time with family and friends. Providing impressive services as well as beautiful vistas, V Resorts Soma Vine Village is also called as Green Valley Resort Nashik. This fine property leaves its visitors captivated with its particularly organized activities such as cycling and photography tours as well as nature walks.
  5. Club Mahindra Hatgad — Enjoy an unforgettable holiday.
    Overlooking the Satpura lake, Club Mahindra Hatgad is yet another name, we have to consider, while shortlisting stay choices in Nashik. Tucked away in the outskirts, this extensive property includes everything for an unforgettable vacation. Be it state-of-the-art amenities or fast as well as friendly staff members, massive amount activities or breathtaking views; the resort has it all. Club Mahindra Hatgad is one of the best resorts in Nashik with luxurious pool, separate children pool, health club etc.

Budget-friendly resorts in Nashik under 5k

  1. Watermelon Club and Resort — For ultimate fun and frolic.
    With accommodations such as Air conditioning tent, Air conditioning cottages as well as camps, Watermelon Club and Resort have the best combination of enjoyment and adventure activities to have the vacation thrilling as well as beautiful. As one of the extremely famous resort in Nashik for family members, you will find a lot of things to do for example water walked log, water slide, trampoline, flying fox, rappelling, rock climbing, mini golf course, sumo fight, and zorbing. You can enjoy golf or try their hands in archery or fire shooting.
  2. Savana Lake Resort — With the view that soothes your mind.
    If all you wish is a mesmerising view of Gangapur Lake together with some lavish facilities, Savana Lake Resort is certainly among the finest resorts in Nashik. It provides best-in-class accommodation in luxurious cottages as well as suites, arranges water sports and kayaking in Waldevi backwaters as well as having plethora of outdoor and even indoor games such as volleyball, football, table tennis and carrom.
  3. Anand Resorts – Peaceful and comfortable.
    The resort that charms all the visitor with unmatched services, hospitality as well as mesmerising views is nothing other than Anand resort Nashik. Situated on Trimbak Road, it truly is a perfect holiday getaway with important facilities and features such as capacious room and suites, kids play area, creative décor, car parking amenities, and awesome hospitality. It is probably among the very few resorts in Nashik with luxurious pool in this price category.
  4. Ihop Sanjivani Resort — Your cozy holiday destination.
    Presenting 12 Air conditioner rooms, a gourmet restaurant, banquet facility as well as travel guidance, Ihop Sanjivani Resort is The lovely stay choice for guests searching for The restful weekend retreat in budgets. The rooms are nice as well as clean and staff members are supportive as well as friendly. In a nutshell, with all of these great features as well as services, Ihop Sanjivani Resort should get featured on our list of perfecting resorts in Nashik in budget category.
  5. Manas Resort With Petting Zoo — A gem of Igatpuri
    Located on the Nashik-Igatpuri highway, Manas Resort is really one of the great Nashik resorts for a rejuvenating holiday. Spread over spreading manicured garden, this resort has the best environ to chill as well as relax with family and friends. With a multi-cuisine restaurant that promotes traditional cooking in clay pots, spa as well as massive luxurious pool, you will find nothing you may miss at Manas Resort.
    Either you’re traveling to Nashik on a business trip, a weekend tours, or for the wine as well as food festival, all these resorts in Nashik are best for few holidays in the quaint Nashik.

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Budget hotels in Maharashtra

Best 8 Budget hotels in Maharashtra


Here are the top 8 budget hotels in Maharashtra where you should visit at least once.

these are the hotels with the best food, budget and best service in Maharashtra.

1.Hotel Grand Ganesha

Set in Ganpatipule, Hotel Grand Ganesha includes a garden as well as restaurant. Every accommodations at the 4-star hotel provides city scenery and free of charge WiFi. The property is situated 11 mi from Jaigad Fort and 500 m from the Ganesh Temple.
All rooms at the hotel include a seating place along with a flat-screen Television with satellite channels. The personal bathroom provides you with a shower as well as no cost toiletries. The units feature a desk.
Hotel Grand Ganesha gives a children’s playground. Visitors at the accommodations should be able to enjoy activities all around Ganpatipule, such as fishing.
Talking both English as well as Hindi, staff members at the reception will help you plan your stay.
This property has amongst the top-rated locations in Ganpatipule! Guests are more happy about this as compared to other properties in the area.
This property is also rated for best value in Ganpatipule! Visitors are obtaining a lot more for their money as compared to other properties in this city.

2. Hotel Sai Prem

Situated in Nashik, within a 15-minute walk of Shri Kalaram Sansthan Mandir as well as 2.1 km of Sundarnarayan Temple, OYO 10671 Hotel Sai Prem offers a garden. Providing a 24-hour front desk, this property also offers hotel guests with a terrace. The property have a restaurant.
Pandavlena Caves is 11.3 km from the hotel. The nearby airport is Shirdi Airport, 83.7 km from the property.
This property has among the top-rated places in Nashik! Visitors are completely happy about it as compared to many other properties in the area.
This property as well is rated for best value in Nashik! Guests get more for their money as compared to other properties in this city.

3. Aishwarya Service Apartment

Aishwarya Service Apartment comes with air-conditioned rooms in Turambhe. Having a 24-hour front desk, this property also offers hotel guests with a restaurant. Rooms have a Television with cable channels.
At the hotel, rooms have a cabinet. Rooms include a personal bathroom with free toiletries.
A continental morning meal is served at the property.
Mumbai is 29 km from OYO 627 Aishwarya Service Apartment, as Navi Mumbai is 12.9 km from the property. The closest airport is Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport, 22.5 km from the hotel.
This property also has amongst the top-rated spots in Turambhe! Guests are more delighted about it as compared to other properties in this area.
This property is rated for the best value in Turambhe! Hotel guests are obtaining even more for their money when comparing other properties in this city.

4.Pears Beach Resort

Pears Beach Resort have a private beach area along with a garden in Dapoli. All of the hotel rooms have a flat-screen Television with satellite channels as well as a personal bathroom. Both totally free WiFi as well as personal parking are available in this property.
All rooms at the hotel consist of a seating area.
The on-site restaurant concentrates on Indian cookery.
This property has one of the top-rated destinations in Dapoli! Visitors are more happy about this as compared to some other properties in this area.
This property is rated for the best value in Dapoli! Visitors are getting more for their money as compared to other properties at this city.

5.Eastin Easy Aiswariya Talegaon

Providing free WiFi, Eastin Easy Aiswariya Talegaon is situated in Talegaon Dabhade, 40 minutes
from Chakan – the automobile hub as well as commercial belt of Pune. This 3-star hotel gives a fitness center together with pool. The hotels gives a 24-hour front desk.
All of the rooms in the hotel are fixed with a kettle. Hotel rooms are having a personal bathroom combined with free toiletries, though a few rooms consist of a seating area. At Eastin Easy Aiswariya Talegaon, all of the rooms include a flat-screen Television with satellite channels.
A continental morning meal may be relished at the property. At the hotels you will see a multi-cuisinse restaurant serving Indian, Italian as well as Asian cookery. It gives a 24-hour front desk.
You could enjoy billiards at Eastin Easy Aiswariya Talegaon, and hire cars is available.
Talegaon is 12 mi from Pimpri-Chinchwad as well as the closest airport is Pune International Airport at 18 mi from the property.
This property is rated for best value in Chakan! Visitors are obtaining more for their money as compared to other properties in this city.

6.Hotel Majestique

Situated in Loni Kalbhor, Hotel Majestique have a garden. Among the amenities of the property are a restaurant, a 24-hour front desk as well as room services, together with cost free WiFi. Every room includes a flat-screen Television with satellite channels.
At the hotel, rooms include a cabinet. All room contains a private bathroom with a shower together with free toiletries. At Hotel Majestique rooms are combined with a seating area.
Pune is 22.5 km from the hotel. The closest airport is Pune International Airport, 29 km from Hotel Majestique.
This property has got one of the top-rated locations in Loni Kalbhor! Guests are joyful about it compared with other properties in the area.
This property is also rated for one of the best value in Loni Kalbhor! Guests are obtaining more for their money when compared to other properties in this city.

7.Fairfield by Marriott Pune Kharadi

Fairfield by Marriott Pune Kharadi is centrally situated within Kharadi which houses leading IT hubs for example EON, Magarpatta along with the World Trade Center. approximately 15 minute ride from the Pune airport, the hotel’s location provides access to shopping arcades for example Phenix mall, Seasons mall and Amanora mall, and also the Koregaon Park area.
All of the hotel rooms give allergy-free linens, mini-refrigerators, air conditioning, safe, Free Wi-Fi internet, tea/coffee makers, specific work area, satellite Television, as well as iron/ironing board ( on request ). The apartment-style suites give a kitchenette with microwave, refrigerator as well as a living area.
Kava Kitchen & Bar is the all-day dining multi-cuisine restaurant together with lounge bar.
This property has among the top-rated destinations in Pune! Guests are more happy regarding it as compared to other properties in the area.
Couples in particular just like the location – they rated it 8.4 for a two-person trip.

8. Vovam Hotel Nashik

VOVAM Budget Hotel Nashik is a perfect decision for business as well as vacation travellers with 12 innovative rooms, 24/7 F&B, a conference room, along with a guarantee of top quality and service. With a range of contemporary visitor friendly services , Voham HOTEL Nasik provides an ergonomically designed workplace, digital safe, hair dryer, tea-coffee maker as well as an in room refrigerator. Business is much easier with wi fi access, car rentals and car parks. Our state of the art protection system reinstates our worry for your safety.Cozily situated between hills, trees along with the smell of fresh air, it is really a city that sounds almost so good to be true. Situated only 200 kms from Mumbai,on the banks of the Godavari River, it really is the Wine Capital of India. One of the four ancient cities in which the sacred Kumbh Mela occurs, it includes landmarks important to Hindu mythology like the Anjaneri as well as Panchvati. For people who like to explore, the hotel even offers trips to Trimbakeshwar, Shirdi, Vani as well as Vineyards.

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Best Places to Visit in Igatpuri

9 Best Places to Visit in Igatpuri


Rising hills of Igatpuri welcome large numbers of weekend guests from Mumbai and Pune. Located in the Nashik district of Maharashtra, Igatpuri is picturesquely situated in the Sahyadri mountain ranges. An ancient place of strategic significance, the mountain station-town exists between ruins of the regal Tringalwadi as well as Ratangad forts, among various wonderful places to visit in Igatpuri.
But, those searching a religious retreat may visit an international academy here to best the Vipassana meditation strategy. Surrounded by fascinating sceneries, untouched lakes as well as magnificent valleys, the places to visit in Igatpuri provide a completely different experience. The waterfalls along with the dams only add a touch of enchantment to the Igatpuri experience.

Here are some of the best places to visit in Igatpuri:

  1. Sunrise Trek to Kalsubai
    Kalsubai with the height of 1646 m 5400Feets is known as one of the largest peaks in Maharashtra. Kalsubai exists in the Sahyadri hill range. This to be the largest peak, it commands a wonderful view. Because Kalsubai is absolutely popular, enough hard work had been made to make this trek straightforward. You will find steel railings, chains as well as ladders at places in which it is hard to climb.
    At a height of 5200 feet one will trek to as well as see a perfect nature seamlessly, however, the ascents are the impressive medium level challenge, you will find railings as well as stone steps to reach the top.
    This is two-day trekking together with camping trip beginning with Mumbai or maybe Pune once you meet your guide and fellow group members in the early morning at 0: 15 AM and reach to Kasara from exactly where the public transport will be used to reach Bari Village.
    Check out Bari Village that is the base of the trek as well as the next morning, you will definitely begin walking for 1 hour and 30 minutes to climb the slopes and reach the topmost part where a red-walled temple be located.
    Return by late at night to Mumbai or Pune after the thrilling trip.
    The package involves food, accommodation together with transportation during the complete trip.
  2. One Day Trek to Harihargad Fort in Nashik (from Mumbai)
    Located 3500 feet above sea level, the trek to Harihargad Fort will take you all through the magical expanse of nature.
    The prism-shaped fort enchants at first sight, as well as homes a pond near the Hanuman as well as Shiva shrines.
    Sheer design of the famed rock-cut steps draws interested crowds of people, along with the ornate, however steep steps scintillate when climbing up!
    Begin your journey on Saturday Night by obtaining picked up from Pritam Hotel situated in East Dadar at around 11.30 PM and Nitin Company Junction at around 12 midnight as well as continue on your overnight journey to Harihargad Fort in Nashik.
    After reaching the base camp in the morning time, have your tasty morning meal and begin your trek to Harhargad Fort.
    Reach the fort in the afternoon and look at its gorgeous history as well as architectural style, followed by a yummy lunch.
    Descend back to the base camps as well as love your evening snacks on the way.
    Reach the base camp as well as beginning your journey back to Mumbai, arriving in the city at around 10 PM based on the traffic.
  3. Trek to Harihar Fort.
    Enjoy this attractive trek to Harihar Fort, Igatpuri with family and friends. The most amazing thing regarding this fort is that it seems to be rectangular from the base village, constructed on a triangular prism of rock — the edges in this amazing fort is completely vertical, further in addition to the uniqueness of the amazing historic fort.
    Rock carved staircases lead you to the fort! Enjoy the historic beauty of this fort when trekking through charming scenery accompanying you throughout your Harihar Fort trekking. Take a walk through the rocky staircase that hangs below a vertical drop. Feel your heart racing while you climb all these stairs when enjoying the great view of the surrounding huge ranges.
    When you make it to the top, enthrall in the beauty of the lengthened plateau which keeps a wonderful temple of Lord Hanuman. A great place that reminds you of a fairy-tale tale you study in your childhood days. Sit down and experience the beautiful beauty of the pond, while in front of the temple — a view which makes all the climb worth the effort. Enjoy the scenic attractiveness of this land with a trek to Harihar Fort, Igatpuri.

4.Ghatandevi Mandir
The Ghatandevi Temple is an architectural marvel which is situated in the close locality of Igatpuri. This place must have a famous position, in your places to visit in Igatpuri wish list. The local people go to this shrine as well as worship the idol of Goddess Ghanta Devi, whom they trust is their protector.
Their trust makes this temple a place of pilgrimage. That is located between mesmerising vista of the Western Ghats, this temple proffers an eye-catching spectacle to the followers. You can also be in awe of the sight of the magnificent peaks of Harihar, Durvar Utvad and Trimak from here. The perfect atmosphere as well as mesmerising scenery, will make the visit worthwhile.

5.Bhatsa River Valley.
The Bhatsa River Valley, that is located in the basin of the gorgeous Bhatsa River, is an extremely attractive spot. The shining flora along with the amazing mountain hills, make the Bhatsa River Valley among the best places to visit in Igatpuri.
It is really blessed with a divine charm also it allures all the guests in the direction of its extreme wilderness. When you are an adventure seeker, keen to look at the nature then the Bhatsa River valley is a great place to visit. You should definitely visit this valley with friends and family to enjoy the awesome crests as well as the blissfulness of nature.

6. Camel Valley.
The Camel valley in Igatpuri is the one among the places to visit in Igatpuri. It exists in proximity of the fantastic Bhatsa River Valley. The Best interest in this place that attracts numerous tourists, is the awesome waterfall formed because of precipitation. This is a spellbinding experience to witness the charming view of a waterfall, which falls from a height of 1000 feet.
Take a stroll by the lake as well as refresh yourself amidst the rich greenery of the Camel Valley. For all you adventurers the valley proffers a few mind-blowing rafting packages. If you wish to defeat the heat, enjoy the creations of nature as well as experience some joy then the Camel Valley in Igatpuri is the best vacationer destination for you all.

7.Tringalwadi Lake.
The Tringalwadi Lake is extremely famous amongst the various lakes in Igatpuri. If you are searching ahead to go camping under the moonlight as well as gaze at the stars and then the peaceful Tringalwadi Lake is the best destination. Enjoy staying in the luxuries of the lake houses here with friends and family.
The mesmerising scenery of the huge fort as well as the awesome hills from the lake houses are wonderful. The Tringalwadi Lake proffers a heart calming ambience, walk on the banks of it, hearing the melodies of nature as well as allow the beauty of environment sink in.

8.Tringalwadi Fort.
The Tringalwadi Fort is famous for It’s spellbinding architecture. That is situated at an elevation of 3000 ft above the sea level, it includes the hypnotic scenery of the entire of Igatpuri as well as the Sahyadris. Becoming amidst the natural beauty the thin trail that leads to the fort, allures all of its guests.
Monsoon is a great time of the year to visit the Tringalwadi Fort. The rains increase beauty of the environment which makes it a treat for an eye. When you are an admirer of Mother Nature and the dare devil within you is looking for few joys, then you must definitely try trekking of these rocky terrains.

9.Vaitarna Dam.
The Vaitarna Dam is constructed in the Vaitarna River which is among the most mesmerising places in Igatpuri. Situated in Igatpuri, this Dam was constructed in the mid 50s. Located in an extremely charming domain, it attracts numerous nature enthusiasts.
The Vaitarna Dam proffers an amazing scenery, that is the rocky crest of the Western Ghats. The black waters along with the dense woods make this place the best spots for the tourists. Apart from its all the encompassing interesting beauty, the dam too performs an extremely important role. It gives water as well as power to the financial capital of India, Mumbai.

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Places to visit in Igatpuri

12 Places to visit in Igatpuri


1.Vipassana International Academy.
The Vipassana International Academy, also called as Dhamma Giri is a meditation center in Igatpuri. This academy is well-known for providing a 10-day meditation training coursed that may serve up to 600 people per course. Hostel amenities are also available at the meditation center for guests.

2.Vaitarna Dam.
Vaitarna Dam, situated on the Vaitarna River, was constructed in the early 1950s. It is also the chief source of water as well as electricity for the people stay in majors parts of the Mumbai city.

3.Camel Valley.
Camel Valley exists just closed to the Bhatsa River Valley and has a waterfall cascading from a length of around 1,000 ft.

4.Darna Dam.
The Darna Dam was constructed in 1916 by the British Government in The complete catchment area of around 404 sq km. This masonry dam is located on the Nasik-Mumbai National Highway as well as measures 1,634 m in length as well as 28 m in height.

5.Igatpuri Lakes.
Igatpuri Lakes are two tiny lakes which are situated nearby the Igatpuri railway Station. The larger of two lakes are called the railway lake which is located around the Girnar village. The different lake, that is built by the Igatpuri municipality, flows down closed to the pumping house.

6.Bhatsa River Valley.
The Bhatsa River Valley is located on the plain of the Bhatsa River in the Igatpuri region. It includes a vast wood cover as well as mountains which provide a perfect trekking trail.

The Tringalwadi Fort is at an altitude of 3,000 ft above sea levelest in Igatpuri. It will be situated among the Sahyadri hill range and also has a tiny temple dedicated to Lord Hanuman. From the fort, travelers could also have a view of Kalsubai as well as Kulang mountain ranges.

8.Ghatandevi Mandir
The Ghatandevi Mandir is devoted to Goddess Ghatan Devi, the protector of ghats. In the backdrop on this temple, you will find peaked of Trimak, Durvar Utvad as well as Harihar.

9.Tringalwadi Lake.
Tringalwadi Lake is a tiny lake that flows down alongside the wall of the Tringalwadi Fort. This is under the control of the Igatpuri municipality which is a perfect site for birdwatching.

10.Avandha Fort.
The Avandha Fort exists in the Sahyadri hill range at a length of around 4,300 ft above sea level. The fort includes rock-cut caves as well as water cisterns which can be reached by trekking from Girwadi as well as Kadwa Colony.

11.Karoli Ghat.
Karoli Ghat in the Igatpuri region is part of the Kasara range of the Western Ghats. This ghat is perfect passes that lead from Konkan to the Deccan plateau. The rock on the ghat has a huge blow, calculating 50 m in breadth which has been made by a waterfall.

12.Madangad Mountain.
The Madangad mountain is part of the Western Ghats that pass via the Igatpuri region. This hill exists at a length of 4,842 ft above the main sea level that can be conveniently recognized by seeing a vast hole in the direction of its western side. You will find a historical fort situated on this hill which can be entered by climbing a steep rock face of 20 m.

Igatpuri is mainly chosen by people from Mumbai, Panvel. The go-to destination for different types of travelers, be it family members, children as well as couples. Igatpuri is, still, mostly chosen by Group, Couple. The perfect season or months to visit places in Igatpuri are February, September, October, November, December. You will find 16 tourist places in Igatpuri, that may be explored by travelers. Local attractions may is visited any time of the day, be it early morning, afternoon, evening or even night, if well suited for travelers. Sightseeing in Igatpuri may is be doing by travelers, that will take half a day or even one day, but to see all the sightseeing places, travelers have to stay in Igatpuri for 2 days to 3 days.
Travelers may also visit Igatpuri to learn about places to visit, search through photos & pictures, discover Igatpuri making use of a map as well as reading sightseeing testimonials. Recently reviewed attractions in Igatpuri, that is the good place to check out is Talegaon Lake, Kasara Ghat, Igatpuri Lakes, Kalsubai, Camel Valley. Igatpuri may is visited in summer, monsoon or maybe in a winter season.

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