Nandur Madhameshwar Sanctuary, Nashik


Best Visiting Place in Winter, Nandur Madhameshwar Sanctuary, Nashik

Nandur Madhameshwar Sanctuary, Nashik Nandur Madhameshwar Sanctuary, Nashik


Nandur Madhameshwar Sanctuary, 50 km from Nashik. I This distance is 12 km from Niphad. I There is a gap. Due to the dams on the rivers Ganga, Godavari and Kadava, this place became an excellent reservoir. Hundreds of birds took refuge in this place as it was a great place for birds.

Although there are not many trees, different types of birds have made this area beautiful. What is the credit of this sanctuary? It belongs to Salim Ali. After visiting the place in 1982, he pursued a bird conservation plan with the government. In time, the sanctuary was established.


Nandur Madhameshwar Sanctuary, Nashik

An area of ​​100 square kilometers is protected in this place. Hunting of birds is prohibited. Naturally, the result was that the birds settled down.

Day by day, the beauty of this place started flooding. If you visit this place for at least four hours, your mind will be satisfied.

Birds are an important link between us and nature. I think so.

Birds are friends of the farmer. Although some of the farms are being destroyed, the farmers still benefit from these birds in large quantities. Birds are essential for maintaining the balance of nature.

In winter, the splendor of Nandur Madhameshwar is worth keeping in mind. A variety of birds visit this place.

Apart from birds from Maharashtra, birds from abroad also attract our attention.

Nature and animals, bird wealth

In this reservoir you will find many kinds of birds of different sizes, different colors, different habits, aesthetically pleasing. Get feet. In fact, it is a pleasant yoga, an experience, one must visit this place to see this beauty. This place is a government resting place for tourists.If you correspond with the forest department in Nashik, your accommodation can be arranged. September to March is the best time to see the beauty of Nandur Madhameshwar.


The Nilgai looks like a normal horse. The fully grown male in this animal is up to 4 feet above the ground. The female is slightly smaller than the male.


The full grown male is bluish or gray in color. It has a white stripe on each leg. He has white spots on both his cheeks. The lips, chin, inner part of the ear and the inner part of the tail are whitish.

Both males and females have black hair on their necks. Males have dark beard-like black hair around their necks. This animal roams freely in the forest full of grass and shrubs, except for the hard wool in the afternoon. Nilgai prefers foliage, grass and fodder. The fresh flowers of Mohora are dear to this animal.

The special thing is that they can stay without water for four days. Nilgai is an agile and fast animal. This animal has good optics. Its hearing is not very good. Like the antelope Chaushinga, the Nilgai also dumps its droppings in one place. Males roam in herds. There are 10 to 15 males in a herd.

The gestation period of Nilgai is about 8 to 9 months. One or two chicks are born at a time.


Nandur Madhameshwar Sanctuary, NashikNandur Madhameshwar Sanctuary, NashikNandur Madhameshwar Sanctuary, Nashik


Location:- Nandur Madhameshwar Sanctuary, Nashik


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Address:- Trimbakeshwar Road, Near ITI Signal, Kutwad Nagar, Nashik, Maharashtra 422008

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