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Guest house and hotel difference

Guest house and hotel difference

Guesthouse and hotel difference

Difference Between Guest house and Hotel

     One may frequently ask a question that what is the difference is between a hotel or a guesthouse. Even more so, in regards to vovam! If a person looks at the definitions, a guesthouse is traditionally a small, independently owned homestead that rents out its chambers at a daily pace.

A guesthouse will even have fewer rooms than Hotel, usually anything from 7–10 rooms. vovam Guesthouse includes… superior rooms, which puts them out of the league of a guesthouse and more inline of a boutique hotel.

A Hotel is frequently a larger establishment that’s corporately owned. It may be a series of hotels that function under one brand, whereas it is rare to find that at a guesthouse. Where vovam has the advantage on most guesthouses is that it’s six distinct houses with a selection of amenities and facilities.

     In Africa, a guesthouse may be known as a Bed and Breakfast or B&B and generally offers more of a Private touch than a hotel, as there are fewer guests to accommodate. That is where Vovam is different from a bigger hotel where you might come to be just another guest.

Vovam is proud of the personal service offered. Many guests come back, preferring the beautiful setting and ultimate personalized service as opposed to being treated in an impartial manner at a hotel. The cosiness and warm hospitality sets Vovam besides a hotel.

     One may rightfully expect a guesthouse to cater for specific needs, as it’s more flexible than a hotel. In Vovam it is well known for being accommodating and for ensuring guests find the best place or conference facilities as well as bespoke hospitality to get a pleasant breakaway.

As vovam is a popular functional place, luxurious and trendy accommodation is available for families and guests on such a special day. There’s also a magnificent honeymoon suite for your wedding couple.

Corporate functions, events, and cocktail parties are welcome at vovam at which the management and employees go out of the way to ensure that their guests are left with the very best memories to take away. Their beautifully manicured gardens set the scene for a memorable backdrop for any event.

     To conclude, there’s really 1 word that distinguishes a guesthouse in the resort, which is “personalization”; but even more so in Vovam.

     If you are in Nashik, Maharashtra and looking for a perfect accommodation with the best budget you must visit Vovam Service apartment/Guesthouse in Nashik.




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Guest House and Hotel Difference.

Guest House and Hotel

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