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Misal Paw Nashik


Mini Idli

Rs. 120/Kg

Khamang Dhokla

Rs. 140/Kg

Methi Thepla

Veg Appe

Rs. 40/Plate

Mint Paratha

Lunch/ Dinner

Cheese Peas Curry

Rs. 170

Paneer Shungroo

Rs. 160

Paneer Pasinda

Rs. 180

Veg Mashroom Masala

Rs. 110

Methi Mutter Malai

Rs. 160

Subz Tawa Masala

Rs. 140

Sanj Sabera

Rs. 120

Paneer Tikka Masala

Rs. 150

Navaratna Korma

Rs. 160

Navaratna Korma

Rs. 160

Lunch dinner Nashik
Chinese Food Nashik Online

Chinese Food

Veg Manchar Soup

Veg Manchurian

Rs. 130

Veg Hakka Nudels

Paneer Chilly

Rs. 155

Soya Chilly

Aloo Chily

Chinese Bhel

Rs. 100

Six Tasty Dishes


Veg Biryani

Rs. 400/ Kg

Rajastani Gatta Pulao

Rs. 160/ Plate

Mutter Paneer Pulao

Rs. 130/ Each

Hydrabadi Pulao

Rs. 140/ Each

Veg Pulao

Rs. 100/ Each

Kids Special

Cake Sicles

Rs.20 /Each

Bread Cups

Rs. 15/ Each

Cup Cakes

Rs. 20/ Each

Mini Burger

Rs. 50/ Each

Black Forest Mini Desert

Rs. 30/ Each

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For any event, occasion or only an excellent food, you simply cannot skip Vovam Restaurant a multicusine restaurant. We provide you with the choicest of beautiful Indian Food, a variety of Chinese Food, which is able to be really relished by you. The administration offers wonderful attention on the procurement of raw components for high-quality food taste as well as quality to treat your taste buds. The meals are newly prepared without any artificial coloring and taste releaser in highest hygienic conditions. Hope our culinary and hospitality expertise ease and comfort to make your extensive meal an unforgettable one.

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