Flower Park | Best Park In Nashik

Flower Park | Best Park In Nashik

Flower Park | Best Park In Nashik

Flower Park | Best Park In Nashik

Since the New Year, Nashik, once known as Gulshanabad, has been a vibrant flower festival. Every visitor should be compelled to take a selfie. Tourists from Maharashtra, as well as from other states and countries, are seen flocking here to admire the blossoms. Nashik is home to India’s first and greatest floral garden.

This is the country’s first floral park of its sort. This spectacular park was opened at Shabhum Waterpark on Trimbak Road in Nashik by Maharashtra State Tourism and Archaeological Development Corporation Brand Ambassador and MP Chhatrapati Sambhaji Raje Bhosale.

A lovely ‘Flower garden Nashik’ has been established on an eight-acre plot of land not far from Nashik city. More than three lakh animals of all varieties and colors, creatures, birds, dolls, rides, khaugalli, and other items mark the people of Nashik in this floral park.

This is the first flower park in the country to be developed in Nashik following the model of Dubai’s Miracle Garden, thanks to the efforts of corporator Shashikant Jadhav, Shantanu and Shubham Jadhav, Gopal Patil, architect Nidhi Patil.

Nashik’s floral park is spread on six acres of land. At any given time, it will be able to enjoy 5 million blooms. 2 lakh flower seedlings have been shown thus far. Flowers are used to embellishing peacocks, vehicles, gorgeous buildings, flower pots, heart forms, and many other things.

Flower Park | Best Park In Nashik

Nashik Flower Park

  • 3 Huge Peacocks with 20ft to 30ft long tail covered completely with Flowers
  • 30+ Selfie Points in various shapes & sizes (Flower Based) including Triple hearts-Big Rectangle shape selfie Point etc
  • Waterpark Rides covered with Flowers (In & Out)
  • Flower House, Flower Car, Flower/Grass Covered Elephants, Horses, etc
  • Area of Flower Park: 25,000Sqm.
  • 10 Huge Hearts Structures Covered with Scented Flowers ( Walk-Way ).
  • No of Flowers: 5 Million+ (50lacs).

Flower Park | Best Park In Nashik

Official Website: www.nashikflowerpark.com

Nashik flower park Ticket Price:

Nashik flower park entry fee per person
Monday To Friday 300/- Rs.
Weekend(Saturday & Sunday) 400/- Rs.

Flower Park | Best Park In Nashik Flower Park | Best Park In Nashik Flower Park | Best Park In Nashik

Nashik flower park Time:

Time: 11 AM to 7 PM

Location:- Trimbak, road, behind shubhamwater park, Anjaneri

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Address:- Trimbakeshwar Road, Near ITI Signal, Kutwad Nagar, Nashik, Maharashtra 422008

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