Budget Hotel In Nashik

Budget Hotel In Nashik


Best Budget Hotel In Nashik

Budget Hotel In nashik

     Nashik is known as the wine capital of the Indian state of Maharashtra. Sula Wine, Trimbakeshwar, Pandava Caves Temple, etc. are some of the popular attractions. vovam Hotel is the best budget hotel in Nashik. Which gives you rooms in Nashik on the best budget.

     They are coming to visit Nashik. So what is the accommodation? Looking for the best hotel or the best budget hotel in Nashik. So vovam is the best hotel, and it is also present for your service in the best budget.

     Some people come to Nashik for tours while some people come for industrial work. We provide the rooms on the best budget.

In your best budget hotel, you will find 2 types of rooms to look at.


– 3bhk, best budget hotel in Nashik

     In 3bhk you get 3 luxurious rooms as well as 1 luxurious hall. Which makes you feel like your home. Each of the 3bhk hotel rooms has a TV for entertainment. There are comfortable, luxurious beds. Which further adds to the joy of your stay. You have AC available to make you more comfortable. There are also bathrooms with toilets in each room.

– Deluxe Rooms in Best Budget Hotel Nashik

     In deluxe rooms, you get 1 luxurious large room. In it, we get a double bed. 2 single beds are available in the case of Ali. TV is provided to enhance your comfort. And AC is provided for comfort. And the deluxe room also has a toilet and bathroom.


Our Facilities are:

  1. Room service.
  2. Daily Housekeeping
  3. Get a home-cooked meal.
  4. 24 hours hot water supply
  5. free Wi-Fi.
  6. Laundry service
  7. Laundry service
  8. Rental Car
  9. We provide discounts on a longer stay
  10. If rooms are booked from the Website, discounts will be given there also.
  11. Provides facilities for disabled guests.
  12. Express check-in / check-out is included.

Vovam Best Budget Hotel in Nashik is a great option for your stay in Nashik.

5 nearby Tourist Places from Vovam Best Budget Hotel

  • Trimbakeshwar 25 km
  • Panchavati 6 km
  • Sita Cave 7 km
  • Tapovan 10 km
  • Sula Vineyard 10 km
  • Ramshej Fort 18 km
  • Someshwar Waterfall 9 km