Nashik City Shopping

Nashik City Shopping Nashik is known for its retail districts, which are a jackpot for shopaholics. Handicrafts, silver objects, souvenirs, old copper relics, and brass statues are among the products available. Chivda grapes and wine are very well-known in this wine city. The city is surrounded by restaurants, eateries, and other places where one may […]

Bhavali Dam

Bhavali Dam Bhavali Dam is an earth-fill dam on the Bham River near Igatpuri in the Maharashtra state of India. Bhavali Dam is on the Darana River, a tributary of the Godavari River, near the hamlet of Bhavali. It’s an earth fill dam that’s conveniently accessible from Mumbai and Nashik. A visit to the Bhavali […]

Jawaharlal Nehru Van Udyan | Botanical Garden

Jawaharlal Nehru Van Udyan | Botanical Garden The Jawaharlal Nehru Van Udyan, located in the foothills of Pandavleni, is a beautiful botanical park named after the late Pt Jawaharlal Nehru. It’s a peaceful 93-acre botanical park with a wide variety of plants to admire while strolling through the grounds. This garden was created for those […]


ASHOKA WATERFALL Vihigaon waterfall is a seasonal waterfall located in Vihigaon village in Maharashtra’s Thane district, 13.5 kilometers from Igatpuri and 59 kilometers from Nashik. This is one of Maharashtra’s most beautiful natural waterfalls, as well as a favorite weekend escape from Mumbai and Nashik. Vihigaon Falls is a monsoon-fed waterfall with a spectacular natural […]

Kashyapi Dam

Kashyapi Dam The dam’s height above the lowest foundation is 41.75 meters (137.0 feet), and its length is 1,380 meters (4,530 ft). The gross storage capacity is 0.05269 km3 and the volume content is 0.05174 km3 (0.01241 cu mi) (0.01264 cu mi). The Gangapur Dam, was opened in 1965, is located downstream of this dam. […]

Flower Park | Best Park In Nashik

Flower Park | Best Park In Nashik Since the New Year, Nashik, once known as Gulshanabad, has been a vibrant flower festival. Every visitor should be compelled to take a selfie. Tourists from Maharashtra, as well as from other states and countries, are seen flocking here to admire the blossoms. Nashik is home to India’s […]

Colaba Fort, Alibag

Colaba Fort The roaming city of today is extremely close to Mumbai, as is the Colaba fort. Get up early and take a boat ride to Colaba Fort, which is about 1 kilometer from the top of Alibag Beach. The Archaeological Department owns the fort. There is a primary entrance to the building. The Arabian […]

Best Location In Nashik | Ahivant Fort Nashik, Vani

Ahivant Fort The Satmala Hill Range in the westernmost section is home to Ahivant Fort. The adjacent Achala Fort is known as Ahivant Fort. Nashik, Maharashtra, is 55 kilometres away from Ahivant Fort. The forts of Mohandar, Ahivant, and Achala are all close together, with Achala Fort and Mohandar Fort designed to protect the Ahivant […]

Durg Bhandar Fort, Brahmagiri, Trimbakeshwar, Nashik

Durg Bhandar Fort, Brahmagiri, Trimbakeshwar, Nashik Durg Bhandar is located in Nashik, near Trimbakeshwar, and is a part of the Brahmagiri mountain range. Durg Bhandar, also known as Bhandar Durg, is a watchtower. The deep rock cut steps that go deep inside the fissure from Brahmagiri mountain, emerge in a natural bridge, and then go […]