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Best Trekking Tours in Nashik

Best Trekking Tours in Nashik

Trekking is a thrilling activity which boosts you with lots of positive energy. For everybody who is an adventure lover then you will definitely look ahead to start with the best trekking tours in Nashik.Trekking through the peaceful as well as attractive Sahyadri hill range that is situated in Maharashtra as well as discovering its historic forts and ravines and valleys with your family and friends is a mind-blowing experience. Trek to Kalsubai that is the largest peak( 1646m or 5400Feets) and capture stunning glimpses of beautiful vistas on this hilly terrain. You will find sturdy steel railings, ladders, and chains to make your trekking experience relaxed.

One more exciting trek that is bound to enthrall your soul is to the historic Harihargad Fort. The awesome magical expanse of greenery surrounds the prism-shaped fort. The walk by the pond which lays in front of the historic Hanuman as well as Shiva shrines transfers you to a magical zone of serenity as well as peace. The wonderful views of the breathtaking Sandhan valley, the fresh pollution free air as well as lavish forests awaits when you get prepared for an incredible Sandhan valley trekking and camping in Igatpuri. Sandhan Valley Trek provides an outstanding experience in which you may enjoy various adventure activities like rappelling.

Merely be very well equipped and take your convenient walking shoes, cap, along with a water bottle, haversack as well as sunscreen lotion that will protect from rays of hill sun. When you reach the charming village known as Samrad you may trek along among the best canyons in the Sahyadri hill ranges which make a wonderful descent towards the fascinating Sandhan valley.The amazing beauty of this deep narrow rock floored ravine lying between the two towering walls of hill range may be perfectly explored in this trekking adventure.

You may also choose to Trek through the craggy and uneven trails of Harihar Fort as you may walk across the meandering streams as well as discover the alpine wonder of this region. The adventure of seeing snow leopards in their natural habitat is simply possible in the snowy forests of Ladakh. You may take on a trekking trip to Hemis National Park starting from Leh as well as visit a few of the historic monasteries. An incredibly rewarding as well as an unforgettable experience awaits you while you start on Perfect Trekking Tours in Nashik.

Sandhan Valley Trek, Igatpuri With Rapelling Flat 49% Off( Trekking Tours)

Experience the true quintessence of adventure with a Sandhan valley trekking as well as camping experience in Igatpuri with your family and friends! Sandhan Valley Trek is a distinctive experience mixing adventure activities like rappelling, trekking a lot of different adventure events! Sandhan is situated close to Bhandardara region village known as Samrad which is a deep narrow rock floored ravine between the two high walls of hill range.

Sandhan valley is among the best canyons in the Sahyadri mountain ranges. You will definitely get to make a descent in the direction of the Sandhan valley that makes for an unforgettable outing as well as overnight stay under the shining sky, along the reservoir side! Discover historic temples from the 7th century, the Peshwa temples, along with the natural gorge known as Sandan!
How to reach?

Kindly board the Kasara Local according to the below mentioned timings and get in with your Respective Stations:-


Catch Kasara Semi-Fast Local – Slow from Mulund.


10:50 PM – KASARA Semi fast Local from CST) – Catch Second Compartment towards Kasara to get together,

  • CST :- 10:50 PM
  • Byculla :- 10:57 PM.
  • Dadar :- 11:05 PM
  • Kurla :- 11:13 PM
  • Ghatkopar :- 11:18 PM
  • Mulund:- 11:30 PM
  • Thane:- 11:34 PM
  • Dombivali :- 11:54 PM
  • Kalyan:- 00:07 AM
  • Kasara:- 01:18 AM

    Overnight Trek To Ratangad Fort ( Trekking Tours)

    Reaching point – Dadar( E) at 2300 hrs on Friday Start this thrilling overnight trek to the Ratangarh fort as well as witness the mesmerizing beauty of this region. your tour after reaching your locality as well as get prepared for the trek. Trek to the popular Amruteshwar Temple at Ratanwadi as well as enjoy its lovely architecture. Discover the caves as well as the forts on top of the hill and spend the night camping in the cave.

  • Observing the water cisterns that are full of water the best thing for the trekkers. Experience the view of the Rani Mahal along with the Katrabai as well as Ajoba fort very close on the southern side. Go through the dense forest with this trail as well as really feel the joy when trekking in the strong winds. Hike to the Khutta Pinnacle through Trimbak Darwaja and where your trek ends. End this enjoyable trek with plenty of memories.

    Sunrise Trek To Kalsubai ( Trekking Tours)

    TO BOOK, CALL ON 9694562464! Fixed Departure on every Saturday Night Kalsubai with the height of 1646m 5400Feets is well known into one of the largest peaks in Maharashtra. Kalsubai is situated in the Sahyadri hill range. This being the largest peak, it commands a good looking view. As Kalsubai is incredibly popular, effort has also been built to make this trek very easy. You will find steel railings, chains as well as ladders at places in which it is hard to climb.

  • At a height of 5200 feet one would trek to and see a perfect nature seamlessly, however the ascents are an impressive medium level challenge, there are also railings as well as stone steps to get to the top. This is two-day trekking as well as camping trip starting from Mumbai or Pune when you meet your guide and fellow team members in the early morning at 0: 15 AM as well as reach to Kasara from exactly where the public transport would be useful to reach Bari Village.
  • Head to Bari Village that is the base of the trek and the next morning, you will also begin walking for 1 hour and 30 minutes to climb the slopes as well as get to the top most part exactly where a red-walled temple is located. Come back by late night to Mumbai or Pune after the thrilling trip. The package involves food, hotel as well as transportation throughout the entire trip.
  • One Day Trek To Harihargad Fort In Nashik(From Mumbai) ( Trekking Tours)

    Fixed Departure : 12 Aug 2017, 24 Aug 2017, 15 Sep 2017, 22 Dec 2017 Situated 3500 feet above sea level, the trek to Harihargad Fort will take you from the magical expanse of nature. The prism-shaped fort enchants initially sight, as well as homes a pond ahead of the Hanuman as well as Shiva shrines.

  • Sheer design of the famous rock-cut steps attracts interested people, as well as the luxuriant, however steep steps, scintillate when climbing up! Begin your journey on Saturday Night by getting picked up from Pritam Hotel situated in East Dadar at approximately 11.30 PM and Nitin Company Junction at around 12 midnight as well as carry on your overnight journey to Harihargad Fort in Nashik.
  • After getting to the base camp in the morning time, enjoy your tasty morning meal and begin your trek to Harhargad Fort. Reach the fort in the mid-day and discover the amazing history as well as architectural beauty, and after that an excellent lunch. Descend back to the base camp as well as experience your evening snacks in route. Reach the base camp as well as begin your journey back in Mumbai, arriving at the city at around 10 PM based on the traffic.
  • Ratangad Fort Trek In Igatpuri ( Trekking Tours)

    Situated between the amazing forest of Western Ghat, Ratangad Fort is among the most wonderful architectures to observe in the region as well as the easiest way to get to the fort is through trekking through the jungle trails. Ratangad Ratan means Jewel in Hindi. This mountain fort is really a jewel for all the mountain forts here in Sahyadri. This is situated in the district of Ahmednagar it is situated around 4255 feet above sea level.

  • It lies in the Ajoba hill range surrounded by excellent hills of Kulang, Alang, Kalsubai, Katrabai, Ajoba, and Ghanchakkar. Geographically Ratangad is at the banks of Bhandardara lake of Ahmednagar district. With views of the lake as well as highest hills in Sahyadris seems too much lost in time Ratangad has yet the remains of the fort with bastions as well as stone walls. Cave at the top is cut from the rock face that can conveniently accommodate 25 people at a time.
  • Water cisterns are generally full of water all through the year and trekkers utilize them as a water source. Meeting Point : Pritam Hotel Dadar East at 11 :00 PM Pickup Point : Nitin Company Junction, Thane at 11 :40 PM
  • Alang Madan Kulang Trekking Adventure ( Trekking Tours)

    Alang, Madan Kulang trekking trip is a unique one since it needs high energy which is intended for those people who are looking for adventure in its real sense. Meet your man trekkers at Fergusson College, Pune and start your journey to this truly untamed summits in the district of Nashik.

  • Alang is at a height of 1479 meters, Madan is at 1466 meters as well as Kulang is at 4822 feet. It is a 3-day trek trip from which you might get to wonder with the sights of age-old forts as well as only hills around. Together with trek, remain inside a cave will be ample to make your heart get to a greater level. Rappelling on a 70 feet rock patch will be an additional feature. The package comes with food, accommodation as well as transportation from Pune to the site and return.
  • Trek To Alang, Madan, And Kulang ( Trekking Tours)

    The Alang, as well as Madan trek, is among the most difficult treks in the Mumbai region however is similarly rewarding due to the views it provides. Climbing to a height of 4852 ft, Alang Fort is at the Nashik region it is summited by a huge plateau. Also, it has caves as well as cisterns at the top. Madan Fort lies raised at a height of 4.841 ft it is one of the most challenging forts in the Sahyadris.

  • The view from the top is especially picturesque. The trek lasts for three days as well as starts at the village of Ambewadi. The first day you are summiting the Alang Fort, on the second the Madan Fort as well as on the third the Kulang Fort.
  • Trek To The Highest Peak Of Maharashtra In Kalsubai ( Trekking Tours)

    Undertake this exciting trip to among the largest peaks of Maharashtra in Kalsubai, as well as love an adventurous weekend! Prepared your gear, and go to the base village at around 11.45 PM, arriving at early on next morning for the Kalsubai Trek. The breathtaking sights from atop the summit are an exquisite experience, and following the descent back into the base camp, tasty lunch is offered. Depart for Pune after a day of fun as well as adventure on the Kalsubai trek.

  • Monsoon One Day Harihar Fort Trek ( Trekking Tours)

    Start with the enjoyment as well as the excitement of Harihar fort trek experience with an incredible ride from Deccan! Observe the lush greenery accompanying you all through your trip. Trek via the rugged as well as bumpy trails of Harihar Fort, cross the streams on way.

  • Mesmerize in the alpine attractiveness of this region. Harihar trek at first follows a zigzag trail which passes by way of gorgeous thickets. But the trek to the fort is a rock-cut stepped trail which needs tiny warning when a few of the steps are raised in complicated 90 degree. Prepare to pass wonderful fields on the plateau, difficult bushes, streams as well as many other natural wonders through Harihar fort trek!
  • Trek To Salher Salota Mulher Mora Hargad ( Trekking Tours)

    Salhar Fort is the largest forts in Maharashtra that stand right next to Salota fort in Selbari hill range in Baglan region. Crowned at a rising height of 5141ft, it is one enjoyable trek that gives you with the breathtaking views of those picturesque forts. Enthrall on this gleeful trek which gives you with attractive beauty of the regions as well as era old forts which have lost their attraction in the present modern scenario.

  • A great chance for backpackers as well as those who love appreciating the rich ancient traditions India – trek via thin pathways as well as love the open breathtaking views of the surrounding hill ranges. Enjoy the awe-inspiring beauty of the Mulher –Mora and Hargad fort situated in the Dolbar hill range, resolve the history of those beautiful forts that once observed the fiercest biggest open battle between Mughals and Marathas Love this awesome trip that gives you with complete views of historic forts. Make a few fantastic memories during this enjoyable trek to Salher-Salota-Mulher-Mora-Hargad.
  • Trek To Alang And Madan Peaks ( Trekking Tours)

    Alang, Madan as well as Kulang are a trio of peaks which are organized in the Nashik region of Maharashtra. The Alang Fort increases to 4,852 feet it is topped by a large plateau. You will find caves and 11 water cisterns on the fort. The Madangad tower is at 4841 feet so it is difficult however rewarding trek because it provides stunning views from the summit. The overnight trek provides chances to observe nature at its eerie best.

  • Trek To Alang, Madan And Kulang In Nashik ( Trekking Tours)

    This amazing trek to the forts of Alang, Madan and Kulang are one of the most tricky in the Sahyadris. Treading via the excellent Alang Fort, the caves as well as 11 cascading water cisterns are a photographer’s haven, when Madangad is small, it is more difficult as well as provides picturesque views from atop.

  • Increase the difficulty level a notch larger at Kulang Fort, to make your way via rock cut steps to wonderful views of the 3 pinnacles in Mahuli. Trekking overnight provides great chances for a few night photography, even while you see protection in caves for the night. A great mixture of adventure, lush scenery, and photography make this an unmissable trek, far from the bustling city.
  • Trekking Tours : Monsoon Trek To Kulang Fort

    Get to the Kurungwadi hamlet at around 06.00 AM for a filling morning meal, as well as start with this fascinating trek after a briefing by the instructors. Hike via the luxurious surroundings, overcome the bumpy terrains as well as observe all the bounties of nature in this 5-hour trek. Discover the ancient Kulang Fort, and explore the superb ruins! Lunch is soon offered, and following the return trek back, depart as well as get to Dadar by around 11.30 PM.


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