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20 Places To Visit In Nashik

20 Places To Visit In Nashik

Have a look on some Best places to Visit In Nashik.

1.Dhodap Trek
Dhodap is a mountain fort in Maharashtra. Among the many forts in the district of Nasik, the fort is located at an elevation of around 4700 feet from the ground. You will find a temple of Jagdamba in the fort, together with an idol of Hanuman at the op of among the tanks.

There are lots of caves atop the fort and one of these is significantly spacious. There are also cisterns and tanks of water on top. You will find inscriptions in persian at the entry to the fort, that is shaped in the form of a tunnel. Certain human settlements are found inside the fortifications also. A genuine wall of rocks exists at the top, which imparts the fort a distinct quality. From the top of the fort, the peaks of Saptashringi and Vani may be seen obviously.

2.Muktidham Temple

Best places to visit In Nashik
Muktidham Temple in Nashik is abode to many Hindu gods which is created from real Rajasthani marble. It houses copies of all the 12 Jyotirlingams, sanctified by their real shrines. There is a Krishna temple, which represents his life and eighteen chapters of Geeta on the walls. Laxmi, Hanuman,Durga and Ganesh temples can be found also.

3.Kumbh Mela
The mass Hindu pilgrimage of Kumbh Mela includes get together on an enormous numerous Hinduism enthusiasts to bathe in a holy river. You will find four such fairs vastly identified as the Kumbh Melas, namely- the Haridwar Kumbh Mela, the Allahabad Kumbh Mela, the Nasik-Trimbakeshwar Simhastha and Ujjain Simhastha. The festivities are organized on the banks of rivers, namely- Ganga, Sangam, Godavari as well as Shipra.

This Hindu religious mela is organized every 12 years in the Nasik district of Maharashtra. The fair is celebrated on the river of divine river Godavari. The important festivities involve bathing on the banks of river Godavari, at the Trimbakeshwar Shiva Temple and the Ram Kund.

4.Someshwar Temple
Situated in the suburbs on the banks of River Godavari, Someshwar temple is amongst the older Shiva temples in Nashik. The calming greenery around provides the temple an attractive atmosphere. You will find an connected boating club by the river as well as a children’s park for recreation. When visiting the temple, devotees will pay respect to Lord Hanuman also.

5.Navashya Ganapati Temple
Navashya Ganapati Temple is not less than a 300 year older shrine on the banks of Godavari dedicated to Lord Ganesh. This was confirmed by the Peshwas in the 1770s, and is till date famous for making thousands of enthusiasts completely happy.

The name derives from the word ¥Navas’ which means that prayers, and here all prayers of followers are granted by the Lord.

6.Gangapur Dam
Gangapur Dam is an earthfill dam on River Godavari, as well as the longest and finest earthen reservoir of Asia. People arrive right here to spend a tranquil afternoon on the garden by the river, relishing the blissful, beautiful view of the river, straight out of a dream.

Migratory birds could be seen in the evening, and there is also a new boating facility to attract much more tourists.

7.Ram Kund

best place visit in nashik
Ram Kund is the holy tank of Nashik in which believers gather to submerge the remains of the dead souls for their salvation, exactly like Lord Rama himself did for his father. He also have taken a bath here during exile.

Hindus believe that a dip on this tank will clean up their sins, thus flock here in crowds, specially during the Kumbh Mela.

8.Artillery Museum
Artillery Centre Museum premise have been a military centre for British-Indian forces while in World War II, but these days part of it really is a museum so the other part is a training ground for Indian soldiers.

The museum houses great numbers of weapons and aircrafts utilized by the Indian army over the years, and gives a look into the country’s proud military past.

9.Balaji Devsthan
Balaji Devsthan in Nashik houses a replica of the idol deity of TIrupati, it is a paradise for people who are not able to make the trip to the original shrine.

Furthermore, River Godavari as well as the adjoining waterfall provide a stunning atmosphere for peace and spirituality. Regular religious festivals are held here, and the Lakshadeep Utsav on the day of Kojagari Pournima is extremely special.

10.Swami Samarth Ashram
Swami Samarth Ashram is a spot of spirituality, near to the Trimbakeshwar Temple in Nashik. The ashram is dedicated to the 19th century saint Swami Samarth, who stayed in Maharashtra and effected the lives of the those with his wisdom as well as preachings.

The temple yet upholds the old customs and rituals catering to his enthusiasts. The ashram also provides magnificent view of the Sahyadri range.

11.Sundarnarayan Temple
Sundarnarayan temple close to the Ahilyabai Holkar Bridge in Nashik is a shrine of Lord Vishnu. The legend goes that truly being cursed by the enraged wife of a sage, Vishnu turned charcoal black as well as regained his beautiful way of Sundarnarayanan bathing in the waters of Godavari here.

The temple attracts a huge people on the day of spring equinox, when the sun’s rays fall straight on the idols of Vishnu, Lakshmi and Saraswati.

12.Vihigaon Waterfall
Vihigaon Waterfall is a completely refreshing weekend getaway in the lap of nature’s bounty close to Nashik. The waterfall is well known for its interesting natural beauty along with the 120 feet fall the place the visitors may engage in rappelling for around 30 minutes. The trek extend to the falls through the woods also is quite exciting.

13.Coin Museum
The Coin Museum in Nashik is part of the Indian Institute of Investigation in Numismatic Studies from 1980, and houses a huge collection of coins in various materials and of various ages. The museum flawlessly shows the progress of the currency system in India, since the historical ages till today, from its collections as well as dioramas.

14.Dugarwadi Waterfall
Dugarwadi waterfall is an unseen gem deep within the green folds of Sahyadri forests. The mystic attraction of the waterfalls as well as the calm that surrounds the place is completely hypnotizing.

The falls is a few kilometers walk from the parking at Sapgon, however the attractive view of the white foams cascading thru the greenery is really worth it.

15.Sai Baba Temple
There are lots of historic temples scattered across the nation of Sai Baba. The temple in Nashik is the one such shrine just like the Shirdi’s. It marvels in cleanliness as well as keeping the similar sort of discipline that we associate with Sai temples.

Followers of Sai Baba, those that could not arrive in the original shrine, flock here to give tributes to their god.

16.Shubham Water World
Shubham Water World is located in Anjeneri Hills in Nashik. The park is dotted with swings and slides as well as roller coasters, it is favorite among both the children and adults. The park has an amusement park, play area as well as food options.

17.Fun World
Fun World Water Park is located in Nasik in Maharashtra which is among the comparatively unidentified parks. The park has exciting rides such as the Columbus and water rides just like double tube slides, aqua dancing and so on.

18.Shagun Resort & Water Park
Located on the Mumbai- Nasik highway, Shagun Resort & Water Park is frequented by guests all during the week. The resort also have stay options together with very good buffet meal options.

19.Dugarwadi Waterfalls
Located at 177 km from Mumbai in Nasik, Dugarwadi Waterfalls is an attractive cascade of silvery water amidst verdant greenery, enveloped in hills. The waterfalls are associated with natural beauty, relax as well as tranquility.

20.Dabhosa Waterfall
Dabhosa Waterfall is located close to Nasik in Thane, Maharashtra. Formed over Lendi River, the falls fall down a height of around 300 meters. The place also allows adventure activities such as Kayaking, Valley Crossing, Zip Line, fishing as well as hiking.

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