Ahivant Fort Nashik,

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Ahivant Fort

Ahivant Fort Nashik,

The Satmala Hill Range in the westernmost section is home to Ahivant Fort. The adjacent Achala Fort is known as Ahivant Fort. Nashik, Maharashtra, is 55 kilometres away from Ahivant Fort. The forts of Mohandar, Ahivant, and Achala are all close together, with Achala Fort and Mohandar Fort designed to protect the Ahivant Fort.

The Fort, according to Captain Briggs of the British East India Company, is a large mountain and shapeless hill that is exceedingly gloomy and unhealthy.

Ahivant Fort Information 

  • Ahivant Fort Height 4024 feet above sea level 
  • Ahivant Fort Distance from Nashik 58 km
  • Ahivant Fort Trek distance 4 km one way
  • Ahivant Fort Type Hill Companion Fort 

Ahivant Fort Nashik

How to reach Ahivant Fort

The nearest town to Ahivant Fort is Vani, which is 44 kilometres from Nashik and offers an excellent selection of hotels. Daregaonwani, the base settlement, is 13 kilometres from Vani. The trekking track begins north of Daregaonwani Village atop a hillside. The Ahivant Fort Trek route is extensive and secure, however there is no tree cover along the trail.

In around two hours, you will arrive at the fort’s main gate. For this hike, please bring a packed lunch and plenty of water. This hike passes through caverns, but the fort’s lack of potable water makes staying the night problematic. Night stays and meal arrangements will be provided at a reasonable cost by local villages.

The Ahivant fort’s second hiking path begins near Ahiwantwadi hamlet. It’s the quickest and safest route. You may drive to Bilwadi hamlet and easily reach the col; from there, it’s a one-hour hike to the summit of the fort. Vani – Daregaonwani: If you’re taking a local bus, you may get a ST Bus from Nashik ST Stand to Vani. You may take another ST to Daregaonwani from Vani. You may complete the walk by following the directions listed above.

Ahivant Fort Nashik

Ahivant Fort History

In the year 1636, Adil Shah ruled over Ahivant Fort. Shaista Khan was sent by Moghul Emperor Shahjahan to conquer all forts in the Nashik province, and Cavalier Alivardi Khan conquered the Ahivant Killa for Shaista Khan. In 1670, Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj reclaimed the fort from the Moghuls.

The Ahivant Fort was entrusted to Aurangzeb’s commander Mahabat Khan by the Moghul Emperor Aurangzeb. The campaign was launched by Diler Khan and Mahabat Khan from both sides of the Avihant Fort.

The attack was so intense that the Ahivant Fort fell to the Moghuls. As a result, the Moghuls took control of Achala Fort. Following the collapse of Trymbak Fort in 1818, Fort was relinquished to Colonel Briggs along with the other 17 forts.

Ahivant Fort Nashik

Location:- Ahivant Fort, Vani, Maharashtra

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