places to visit in Igatpuri

8 Places To Visit In Igatpuri

8 Places To Visit In Igatpuri

Below are few places to visit in Igatpuri :

1.Bhatsa River Valley
Located right before entering Igatpuri from Mumbai, the valley lays in the basin of the Bhatsa River. After the end of the Thal Ghat, this place is full of charming vegetation as well as gorgeous rock formations.

2.Camel Valley
Some kilometers ahead of the Bhatsa river valley, lies the Camel Valley on the right. On the other side are the waterfalls which are the main attraction on this destination.
The Five Waterfalls in which five various water sources falls one below the other is an important visit. It may also be viewed from the railway.

3.Tringalwadi Fort
Behind the Ghatandevi Temple lies the Tringalwadi Fort, located at an altitude of 3000 ft above sea level. The height of the fort provides a picturesque view of the complete area.
This fort attracts trekkers as well as hikers. The top of the fort seems like a turban and overlooks the complete mountain range. A Hanuman temple is situated at the foot of the mountain close to the Tringalwadi Lake. The Talegaon Lake formed by the tiny dam which is some kilometers far from the area.

4.Ghatandevi Temple
Some distance ahead of Igatpuri, passing through camel valley, a smaller road leads to the well-known temple of Ghatandevi. It is really said that this deity is called ‘the protector of the ghats’. Behind the temple lies the Tringalwadi Fort.

5.Kalsubai Peak
Mt. Kalsubai is the largest peak of the Sahyadri Ranges. The view of the majestic mountain is an incredible sight in Bhandardara. It is usually called the Everest of Maharashtra because it is the largest peak in the state.
The trek is definitely challenging one as well as generally, the experienced trekkers get their way to the top with a few problems. There are nowadays man-made stairs to get to the peak when you don’t want to trek. But, the mountain hills near the Kalsubai peak are really easier to scale.

6.Vipassna Centre
Founded by S. N. Goenka, Dhamma Giri Meditation Centre is a mutt that provides meditation training courses following the Buddha teachings.
The entrance, the huge golden pagoda that marks the Centre is a landmark for Igatpuri. A lot of guests arrived at the mutt from India as well as overseas.

7.Kulangadd Trek
Kulanggad is a mountain fort in Maharashtra. It is really the largest mountain fort in the state, with the summit rising to an elevation of around 4800 feet. The fort provides an extremely picturesque view of the many other peaks surrounding it.

The peaks of Kalsubai, Dhakoba, and Naneghat, and others are noticeable in various directions from the peak of the fort. The fort yet has remnants of big rooms, that were utilized probably as storerooms. There is also a considerably big cave in the direction of the right side of the entrance to the fort. Water cisterns can be found at the very top, with some water tanks. The ascent to the fort passes through neatly rock-carved steps.

8.Bitangad Trek
Bitangad is a mountain fort in Maharashtra. Among the many those forts in the district of Nasik, it rises to an elevation of around 3500 feet from the ground.
The summit of the mountain is extremely tiny and not very much is left on it. There will be a cave on the way up, and some cisterns of water at the very top. The plateau at the top is protected with dense vegetation, as well as gives a remarkably nice view of the peaks in the Kalsubai range.

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8 Places to visit in igatpuri

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