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Located on the banks of Godavari river, Nashik is a holy city as well as a well known destination among Hindu pilgrims. Nashik is one of the four places in India in which Kumbh Mela is celebrated each 12 years. It is the wine capital of India, as half of India’s vineyards and wineries are located here. Nashik have a lot of popular places, that are popular among visitors. Although many of those might prove to have religious importance, few don’t. Let’s check out a list of the perfect places to visit in Nashik.

  1. Sula Vineyard
    Famous for the good quality of its grape vines, this huge estate is open to people for a wine sampling along with a tour of the vineyard. Home to sixty wineries, this winery also will let you enjoy a grape stomping activity between January and even March. some other attractions involve a resort, two restaurants, a gift shop and a bottle shop, making the very best places to see in Nashik.
  2. Igatpuri Hill Station
    This wonderfully-green valley filled with waterfalls, forests, birds and a wildlife sanctuary is the best place to visit for relaxation and recuperation from the stresses and strains of an everyday grind which every city imposes on its denizens. For those of you who wish to discover real peace, Igatpuri even offers the Vipassana Meditation Academy which imposes peace on its members helping them find themselves.

Places to visit in Nashik: Religious Sites

  1. Kalaram Temple
    This old Hindu shrine devoted to Kala (swarthy or black complexioned) Rama, a Hindu God and an avatar of Lord Vishnu, is among the places to visit in Nashik. Constructed around 1788 by a devotee whose dream instructed him to the God’s idol in the river Godavari, this might be said to be the most crucial Hindu temple in the city.
  2. Muktidham
    This marble temple complex which honours several Hindu gods is an essential tourist attraction and a well known place to stay in Nashik. The 12 Jyotirlinga replicas here were sanctified by being sent to their specific originals for sanctification. The paintings in Lord Krishna’s temple depicting scenes from Mahabharata as well as living of Krishna by a famous painter, Raghuvir Mulgaonkar, are an added attraction.
  3. Sri Someshwar Temple
    This wonderful temple is among the well known places to visit in Nashik, as the surroundings are natural and nature enthusiasts absolutely love visiting this place. The temple provides a beautiful view of the Godavari River, in a stylish curved path. Enjoy the boating facility and go on a boat ride here.
  4. Dharmachakra Jain Temple
    Visit here to see the 12-ton statue of the 24 Tirthankaras at the sprawling temple complex created of white marble as well as pink sand. Amenities such as foods and stay are excellent, and non-Jains also find themselves savoring a visit here and doing puja as the pujaris are friendly and helpful.
  5. Sundarnarayan Temple
    Built by Gangadhar Yashwant Chandrachud in 1756, this temple of Sundar Narayan (or wonderful Narayan or Lord Vishnu) showcases a Mughal style of architecture in its arched recesses. We discover Lakshmi to his right as well as Saraswati to his left, on this temple that is built in such a method that the rays of the rising sun drop precisely upon the idols in the sanctum sanctorum on every March 21st.
  6. Naroshankar Temple
    This lovely temple of Rameshwar was built by Naroshankar Rajebahadur in 1747, making use of the Maya style of architecture. The main temple is constructed on a platform and sculpture and designs are attractive with ornamental lacework and drawings of birds, animals, trees and nature generally.
  7. Sita Gufaa
    Believed to had been the place from the place Ravana kidnapped Sita in the Ramayana, it is one more place of pilgrimage located in the place known as Panchvati where Ram, Sita and Lakshman were supposed to have stayed in Vanavasa (a penance having live in the forest). Do visit the Tapovan the place Lakshmana is told to have cut off Shoorpanakha’s nose along with the eleven cavernous caves along with the five banyan trees.
  8. Saptashrungi
    The temple of Saptashrungi Nivasini (Goddess Living on Seven Hills) is ancient and told to had been visited by Rama, Sita and Lakshman while they stayed at Panchvati. Those awesome hills are extremely fertile and lovely to look at. The forests on the mountain hills are filled with medicinal herbs and love a specific connection to the Ramayana, being the hills in which Hanuman acquired the Sanjeevani herb for Lakshmana, while he was knocked unconscious in battle.
  9. Trimbakeshwar Temple
    This Shiva temple was constructed between three hills, Brahmagiri, Nilagiri and Kalagiri and houses three lingams to speak for the three main Gods of the Hindu Pantheon : Shiv, Vishnu and Brahma. This temple is amongst the 12 places in which devotees can get a Jyotirlinga, the pillar of light without starting or end that represents best reality.

Places to visit in Nashik: Nature and Historical Sites

  1. Pandavleni Caves
    Situated 8 km south of Nashik, the Pandavleni caves are a group of 24 caves which date back into 1st century BC to 2nd century AD. Except Cave 18 that is a Chaitya, all of the the caves are viharas as well as place is known as a holy Buddhist site. Those gorgeous and historic rock-cut temples provide us a glimpse into the past and display the abilities of ancient people.
  2. Ramsej Fort
    Ramsej Fort is very important in the method it helped to Maharashtra’s invincible stand against invasion by the Mughal armies for six and half years, before it toppled to treachery while the head of the forces on his own succumbed to bribery. Replete with history as well as adviser of the pride of the Marathas, this Fort is an important tourist attraction as well as one of the places to visit in Nashik.
  3. Anjaneri Hills
    Again of religious importance, Anjaneri is a superb attraction and a place that should be visited at Nashik. Widely known as the birth place of Hanuman, the hill is called after the mother of Hanuman, named Anjana Devi. You will discover 108 Jain caves here dating back in 12th century. The picture of Hanuman here has 5 heads, unlike at any other temple in India.
  4. Salher
    This peak is the second topmost in Maharashtra (the first being Kalsubai), at 1567 metres and us home to one among the celebrated forts of the Maratha rulers. Popular for its importance through the reign of Shivaji, Salher has a twin fort, called Salota close by. The Battle of Salher, in which over 1 lakh soldiers took part, was battled in 1672 and won by Shivaji.
  5. Dugarwadi Waterfall
    This amazing waterfall is all about perfect surroundings and lush greenery. The hills here are topped by clouds as well as fog to mesmerise a guest to this lovely sightseeing destination in Nashik. Going to the waterfall takes a 1 to 2 km walk, and warning in case visiting while in rains as the water level might rise very quickly.
  6. Harihar Fort
    This fort belongs to the Yadava dynasty lays in ruins nowadays. The climb to the high over a 60 meter path of rock-cut steps is an awesome experience so you can discover accommodation on the fort by itself or in the villages surrounding the fort. Don’t skip the rock-cut water cisterns at the centre of the fort.
  7. Nandur Madhmeshwar Bird Sanctuary
    Also called as the Bharatpur of Maharashtra, this bird sanctuary is an excellent destination for any person excited about looking at birds at close range. Various birds is available here, which includes migratory birds. An environmentally rich area with various flora and fauna, also it provides you with a dam and a museum, which makes it one of the wonderful places to visit in Nashik

Do have a great time at Nashik that is rich in natural beauty and awesome sightseeing places also historic places very important and religiously important temples. The relation of Nashik with Ramayana is a crucial aspect of its attraction for the religiously inclined. Anyone who assumed they can go grape stomping and wine tasting without heading to the vineyards of Europe and purchasing the experience in Euros ? Do compose in and inform us of your experiences at Nashik. We hope you will get a fantastic time.

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